A Note From
The Founders

Nulogy began with a desire to be a special kind of company. We wanted to solve really hard, unsolved problems. We wanted to be laser-focused on delivering concrete customer value right out of the gates. Most importantly, we wanted to be a company that was meaningful. 

If Nulogy no longer existed, what effect would this have on our customers, employees, partners, and even society? This was and remains an important mental test for us as founders.

We started in a living room with old computers and no salaries. One time someone came to meet us at our P.O. Box instead of the house. Oops. That would be just one of many mistakes we would make over the years that hardened a deep belief in the value of continuous learning and hard work.

Nulogy has come a long way since 2002, and we are proud to be a world leader at partnering with our customers to improve their business outcomes in extremely challenging supply chain environments.

It is a privilege to now have customers around the world that are the leaders in their field and responsible for making and delivering the products we stock in our pantries, medicine cabinets, and closets.

While some things are very different now, some things remain the same. We still have the same principle that guides us in our journey together:

It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal.

It’s a joy coming to work with a team of truly brilliant and unique people that have joined our journey. We’re still just beginning, but our foundation has never been stronger, and we’ve been creating more value every day.


The Nulogy Founders
Jason T, Jason Y, Kevin, Sean & Don


Our History

One of the biggest ‘Agility in Everything’ transformations that I see occurring right now in Product Development is moving towards Continuous Delivery, an approach to writing software in short cycles allowing for reliable release at any moment. Several of our products are already there.


When I joined Nulogy, there were whispers of an Education team forming. The idea of building Nulogy University, (an education product from the ground up) was so exciting to us that the entire team was officially formed 6 months ahead of schedule!


Sometimes projects don’t work out as planned and we get it. In fact, we celebrate it. The first time we implemented a company-wide goal setting process, OKRs, we failed for 3 quarters. We kept iterating, getting feedback, and tinkering. Now it’s a successful part how we work as a company, as a result of our flexibility and persistence to keep trying.


I am proud to work at a company that is a leader in our industry, not only for our contributions to the supply chain but more specifically for how we approach Customer Success. Nulogy isn’t just another vendor, we’re embedded into our customer’s day-to-day operations. We have worked to redefine what it means to be a partner. Having this kind of trust and access is rare, and it is only at a company that prioritizes thought leadership can this happen.


When I joined Nulogy, I hardly understood our product or software stack. During this time, I attended a Q&A session with our Quality Lead Team (QLT). Within a month of starting at Nulogy, I was given the opportunity to join QLT as the engineering representative, and take part in driving initiatives to improve quality across the organization. There was no unspoken need to first prove past skills or experience. There was no jockeying for opportunities with more experienced individuals. Nulogy is about sharing values and goals and actually getting things done.


I grew up in Venezuela, and have family spread over many continents. I’m the only one in my family who lives in Canada, and that can be hard at times. That is why I really like how on our team, all of us travel together and are able to connect to each other in a human way, as friends, and not just as professionals.

We take time to celebrate big personal moments for our peers, like making surprise baby showers, or taking a moment to reflect how long we have contributed to the team. It’s really nice to see that where you work.



Our Benefits

Trust-Based Culture

Truly believing in a results-oriented, high-trust environment means you are in charge of your own vacation and your work schedule.

Come in and leave when you need to, take as much paid time off as you need — your results are your results. Our philosophy is rooted in supporting you to get your best work done.

Work Schedules

Working at Nulogy is a marathon, not a sprint. That means that we want you to come in and put in your solid work, but when the work day is over — go live your life, rest, and recharge.

This philosophy has influenced the creation of an unlimited paid vacation policy at Nulogy! We value your time away from work and want you to take it.

Stay Healthy
At Work

Full benefits for you and your family including health, dental (and yes, up to $1000 worth of massages per year if you want). Introduce some focus and mental calm by joining one of the daily onsite meditations. Ride your bike to work for additional exercise and feel comforted that your bike is safe with our dedicated storage. Sign up for our discounted gym membership with towel service at Goodlife, or join Nulogites on one of our sports teams!

We Take Transparency Seriously

We host monthly “all hands” Mind Melds, we discuss the highs and lows of the past month, talk about our corporate goals, and open up the floor for everyone be involved in big decisions we make as a team.

Families Are Important To Us

Nulogy’s origins start with support of the families who helped grow this company. That is why we offer a best-in-class parental plan. We cover 100% top-up for 13 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children and up to a year off for parental leave.

You will also receive $750 toward any extra help to make your family life easier when you take a parental leave!

We Break

That’s why we have two kitchens stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages (that support dietary restrictions), Because hangry employees are not productive employees. We also believe in the power that food has to bring people together.

You’ll find at Nulogy that you can connect with people — whether over coffee, a snack, or an impromptu meal.

Grow With Us

You’ll get a yearly educational budget to spend on your personal development towards conferences, classes, or an educational pursuit that will help you level up.

Another way we foster our culture of learning and continuous improvement with monthly Hack Days where our teams can tinker to build new things together.

A Flat Organizational Structure

Nulogy has a flat company structure that revolves around collaboration. From our self-organized teams to the lack of corner offices, we reject the idea of climbing corporate ladders and embrace the idea of everyone being challenged with more responsibility.

We invest in everyone’s personal development and host workshops on meeting facilitation, tools for resolving team conflict, and leading consensus-based decision making.

We Laugh Together

We take regular Fun Days off to do something social as a company, whether it be a trip to Toronto Island, a company-wide Jeopardy game, or volunteering at the food bank.

Our annual holiday party is always a blast, and includes your plus one.

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