ARI Packaging Increases Speed-to-Market and Customer Responsiveness

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Who is ARI Packaging?

ARI Packaging is one of Chicago’s fastest growing companies, regularly placing in the annual Crain’s Chicago Fast Fifty.

Since its founding in 2000, the Illinois-based provider of streamlined solutions in primary and secondary contract packaging for retail merchandising has seen its business boom. In 2015, its five-year growth rate was 286%. With 4 sites across the U.S. and over 100 full time employees, ARI services customers that include a number of top brands across the United States.

ARI’s mandate is to decrease the cost and complexity of a fully integrated, end-to-end supply chain for its customers.


Building strong customer relationships is a key goal for ARI.

In order to build customer relationships, ARI focuses on the integration of capabilities, from sourcing and co-manufacturing, to packaging and logistics.

When you’re responsible for packaging, shipping, and tracking up to millions of units per client, it’s vital to create and maintain strong partnerships with customers in order to predict, fulfill, and exceed their needs. And like every successful partnership, ARI has worked hard to determine its clients’ needs in order to meet and exceed expectations.

“Traceability, visibility and speed to market – that’s what our clients are looking for,” says Wagner.

ARI knew that it had to make a number of investments in new software and technology to cut manufacturing costs, improve shipping processes, and streamline customer communications.

“ARI views our customer relationships as true partnerships – and that’s a very conscious decision on our part. When we’re working with our clients, we’re really trying to build a long-term partnership, in order to strengthen communication and collaboration.”

– Beth Wagner, Manager of Business Process Improvement, ARI


ARI turned to Nulogy solutions to deliver cost savings and streamlined communications to customers

Nulogy’s PackManager solution was selected to support production execution for ARI’s operations, and to enable network effects with customers.

ARI was particularly impressed by PackManager’s systems integration component. The solution was able to facilitate data flow between ARI and its clients for better collaboration — a vital ingredient in ARI’s ability to strengthen relationships with its customers.

“PackManager is specifically designed for the co-packing industry, molded and designed to fit the co-packer model. We could have gone with a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter ERP system, but it’s not going to have the same focus that PackManager does.”

– Beth Wagner, Manager of Business Process Improvement, ARI


Cloud-based solution delivers real-time information to improve customer confidence and time to market

Today, PackManager is integrated in virtually all areas of the company’s plants, building a strong network to drive better communication, coordination and control.

From tracking production at the shop-floor level, all the way up to integrating with client ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, PackManager has become the technology backbone of ARI’s operations.

End-to-end visibility of planning, production, and shipping

PackManager has given ARI the ability to systematically plan, execute and monitor production in real-time. This has provided them with better visibility and traceability of inventory as it flows through the supply chain. In turn, they are able to better communicate to their clients the status of work-in-progress jobs and finished goods.

Faster speed-to-market enabled by systems integration

Using PackManager, ARI has been able to build interconnected networks with customers and achieve integration across the customer-supplier workflow. By connecting previously disparate software solutions in the workflow, they are able to relay real-time information through the network and enable faster speed-to-market. This provided clients with real-time visibility into ARI’s processes for their own forecasting and planning.

“ARI’s relationship with Nulogy has been integral in what we’ve accomplished with customers. Our customers are interested in visibility, traceability, and ensuring that they understand exactly what’s happening with their orders in our facilities, and we’re able to deliver that by utilizing Nulogy systems.”

– Gary McCullough, President, ARI

Better usability than ERPs 

PackManager’s intuitiveness and ease of use were important qualities for ARI. With a large user base, it’s important for the company to have software in place that’s scalable from a training perspective.

“We’ve found that Nulogy solutions are really easy for folks to master, which means it’s actually embraced in the organization,” says Wagner. “I don’t think we’d find that in traditional ERP systems.”

99.6% error free

ARI leverages Nulogy’s integration capabilities to report error types and identify gaps in processes within its systems. In 2015, the company processed 380,000 electronic documents (passed back and forth between ARI and client systems), with 99.6 percent transmitted without error. The solution has become a foundation for ARI to lower operational cost, increase responsiveness, and improve clients’ forecasting.

Technology trusted by brands

It’s not just the nuts and bolts functionality of Nulogy’s software that helps ARI strengthen its customer relationships. The company is keen for clients to directly interact with Nulogy when ARI is introducing new integration projects.

“Nulogy is a leader in the industry, and very reputable,” says Wagner. “When our clients see that we’re working with a software partner of that caliber, and to whom we’re entrusting our data and information, they feel comfortable. It builds trust with our client partners, and that’s very important to us.”

“Nulogy has been integral in growing our business. At the end of the day, our customers are becoming more sophisticated around their data needs, and without technology and the ability to integrate with their systems, I think those that haven’t made those investments will be left by the wayside.”

– Gary McCullough, President, ARI

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