Marsden Packaging Increases Operational Efficiency and Profitability

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Primary and secondary packaging for the consumer packaged goods industry



Lengthy track and trace processes and lack of data insights


Nulogy Solutions




Automated track and trace and increased profitability


Who is Marsden Packaging?

Marsden Packaging is a single-site contract packaging company based in north-west England. Marsden specializes in primary and secondary packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries and have attained many accreditations and certifications including BRC Grade AA, MHRA CMP Compliance, and ISO 9001.

Recently, Verst celebrated their 50th anniversary, and since founder Bill Verst started the company, Verst has expanded into a wide range of industries including automotive, wine and spirits, personal care, and food and beverage.


Time consuming quality check and track and trace processes 

As a relatively smaller co-pack operation, Marsden Packaging is laser-focused on running their operations as efficiently as possible in order to compete with much larger competitors. Previously, Marsden was running their operations using manual paper processes, which limited their operational efficiency and ability to grow their business due to:

  • The quality checks they were required to run every 30 minutes were several pages long and very time consuming for their quality supervisors
  • Track and trace processes for food audits were also extremely time-consuming, taking up to four hours to complete
  • Lack of data insights that could be used to identify the bottlenecks which were causing production delay

“Before we implemented PackManager and QCloud, we were pretty good at doing our quality checks. However, being able to use PackManager is great because we cannot bring the wrong product to the wrong production line. This has helped us control and reduce the number of non-conformances.”

– Michael Briggs, President, Marsden Packaging


Efficient means of data collection and delivering traceability

Marsden Packaging needed a more efficient way for their quality supervisors to perform quality checks, as well as a way to automate the track and trace process so they could decrease the amount of time spent preparing for major food audits. Marsden also required real-time data and transparency into their production lines so they could identify the root causes of bottlenecks and resolve issues to improve production efficiency and decrease turnover times. Ultimately, Marsden chose to partner with Nulogy and implement QCloud and PackManager to provide them with the functionality they needed to run their business more efficiently and with state-of-the-art quality control.


Increased operational efficiency and profitability

Since implementing PackManager and QCloud, Marsden Packaging has been able to significantly grow their business and increase operational efficiency by:

  • Decreasing the amount of time spent doing quality checks by 50%, allowing quality supervisors to spend more time on the production floor
  • Automating the track and trace process so that quality supervisors are able to perform recalls with the click of a button
  • Being able to see real-time the bottlenecks to their production and quickly resolving those issues to improve efficiency


Streamlining reporting processes and providing real-time data to customers

Although PackManager provided Verst with the functionality they needed, Verst was still relying on multiple systems to run their contract packaging operations. As a result of using a variety of systems, many tasks were still very time-consuming. Striving to improve, Verst Group was looking for a better way to:

  • Seamlessly communicate and share real-time data analytics with their major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) customers
  • Reduce the time spent by their customer service and accounting teams preparing information and reports for customers
  • Start tracking and sharing with their customers’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as OTIF rates, invoice/shipment accuracy, and quality metrics

“To enable to us to compete with our much larger competitors, we have to offer industry leading levels of quality and service. Utilizing Nulogy’s QCloud and PackManager software allows us to do this.”

– Michael Briggs, President, Marsden Packaging


Integrating systems for seamless real-time data collection and communication processes

In order to build stronger relationships with their customers, improve customer service and decrease the amount of time their accounting and customer service department spends preparing reports, Verst Group decided to integrate PackManager with their accounting software as well as with one of their major customer’s ERP system. Verst Group expects this will help them:

  • Reduce the time spent by their accounting and customer service team preparing information and reports by 25%
  • Bring on new business without having to add more internal resources or capacity
  • Increase the accuracy of their information
  • Provide their CPG customers with the real-time data analytics and KPIs

“The use of QCloud software has enhanced our quality control systems and has helped us increase customer satisfaction. It’s enabled us to grow our company with regards to both turnover and profitability.”

– Michael Briggs, President, Marsden Packaging

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