Summit Container Uses Real-time and Historical Data to Eliminate Waste and Improve Agility

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Protective packaging for direct to consumer third-party logistic companies



Upholding promise of just-in-time deliveries


Nulogy Solutions





Significant reduction in waste and increase in OTIF rate


Who is Summit Container?

Summit Container designs, engineers, manufactures, assembles, warehouses and distributes protective packaging for direct to consumer third-party logistic companies. They have shattered the historical make-and-ship corrugate model by fulfilling their customers’ orders within 1-24 hours of receiving them. Summit has 18 locations throughout the US, allowing them to operate in close proximity to their customers, which enhances speed-to-market and minimizes transportation costs.


Upholding commitment to just-in-time deliveries

Summit Container operates in an environment without forecasts, with soft orders dropping weekly for the following week. In order to run effectively, they need to have to tight control over their supply chain. Initially, Summit Container used spreadsheets and ran into the following challenges:

  • The ability to leverage data to drive business efficiency
  • Lack of visibility into inbound and outbound shipments necessary to ensure that materials were coming and going in a timely fashion
  • Trending and costing reports were time-consuming and difficult to share

“Prior to Nulogy, we managed by spreadsheet and dealt with corruptible data, lack visibility,
challenged internal communication, and the inability to use data to allow the business to become more efficient. PackManager has helped us overcome these challenges and has improved our agility by giving us a single platform to process, communicate, and archive data. Every operating event now occurs within PackManager; this includes estimating, purchasing,
production, and scheduling.”

– Joe Jaruszewski, Executive Vice President, Summit Container


A system to archive data and increase transparency of their operations

In order to overcome these challenges and improve their agility, Summit Container needed a system to manage their material manufacturing, raw warehousing, assembly, finished goods warehousing, and shipping. They also needed a solution that could easily archive data and improve cross-team communication. Nulogy’s PackManager met these needs and provided end-to-end capabilities to manage their contract packaging operations in full, leading Summit Container to implement the system across all 18 locations.

“Summit has always been a great company. PackManager has enhanced our operation with crisp, accurate data to yield a high level of customer satisfaction. I’m proud that we have taken a very complex supply chain model and made it look simple to our customers.”

– Joe Jaruszewski, Executive Vice President, Summit Container


Leveraging data to improve OTIF rates and eliminate waste

Since implementing PackManager, Summit Container has had the labor tracking, material resource planning and inventory functionality, and real-time data collection capabilities necessary to accurately predict customer demand and uphold their commitment to just-in-time deliveries. This has resulted in:

  • Their ability to graph year-over-year demand by customer, by site and by SKU to help set proper stock levels and ensure just-in-time deliveries
  • An increase their On Time In Full (OTIF) rate from 80% to 99.7%
  • Saved $2,000,000 in inventory reduction from 2015 – 2016 as a result of having historical data for accurate forecasting

“Over the last two years, PackManager has enabled Summit Container to sharpen our management ability. It has brought a great deal of organization into the operation. It has enhanced our cross-company communication and led to greater control of purchasing, assembly and inventory control. We now have the data to drive key performance indicators for on time delivery, manufacturing goals, and freight goals.”

– Joe Jaruszewski, Executive Vice President, Summit Container

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