KANSAS CITY, MO – October 28, 2015: Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment (ALF) leverages QCloud, Nulogy’s market-leading lightweight, cloud-based quality control solution to implement tighter quality controls for its contract packaging and logistics services. QCloud is being leveraged to efficiently collect quality data, as well as digitize and modernize ALF’s quality control and process improvement.

“With the QCloud quality control solution, we’ve been able to move away from a paper-based system for Quality Inspections, and considering we do over 100 inspections a day, that’s significant efficiencies,” says Wayne Jurgielewicz, Director of Operations at Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment. “Collecting quality metrics digitally helps to centralize our whole process and makes it easy to leverage information to drive process improvement. In addition, when customers come on-site to scope out our fulfillment operations, they’re always impressed with how modern and automated our systems and processes are, and it’s led to big wins for our business.”

“QCloud was designed specifically for contract packaging operations, so it’s a lightweight, quick-to-deploy, and easy-to-use system that is up and running much faster than typical quality management systems,” said Jessica Liu, QCloud Product Manager at Nulogy. “Upon implementation, we’re seeing that ALF has already leveraged the system to modernize the way they enforce quality control. We’re looking forward to seeing our system power continuous improvement in quality processes, and to see ALF leverage integrated solutions for seamless connectivity between production and quality.”

ALF currently runs their contract packaging production with PackManager and quality control with QCloud. QCloud is a cloud-based quality control solution designed specifically for evolving compliance rules, ease of use, and fast audit reporting. The lightweight system allows users take advantage of innovative technology to centralize and streamline yesterday’s paper-based quality processes with fast and easy data collection, reporting, and analysis.

About Nulogy :

Nulogy is the pioneer and leading provider of contract packaging software systems globally. Nulogy has won industry and technology awards for its innovative use of technology to automate processes, improve responsiveness, and increase competitiveness for its clients. The company’s cloud-based solutions have reduced costs, enhanced customer service, improved compliance and quality, and raised revenues in the supply chains of Fortune 100 brands around the world. Every day, millions of dollars of consumer products are processed by Nulogy’s software across a broad range of market segments including food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and hard goods. Follow Nulogy’s blog and news portal for more updates.

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Oct 28, 2015

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