Nulogy Corporation along with Aaron Thomas Company (ATCO) today announced the successful adoption of PackManager in yet another of ATCO’s American facilities.

Aaron Thomas, which has been providing contract packaging services for nearly 40 years, produces for many of the notable Fortune 500 brands, and is one of the largest contract packagers of potato chips in North America.

“We were amazed at how quickly we were able to start using PackManager,” said Aerick Bacon, the General Manager of their Chicago-area facility. “Nulogy’s professional services team is exceptional and their knowledge of our industry was impressive. We were operational with PackManager after only three days without any issues.”

Because PackManager is a cloud-based solution, the only on-site activity required for go-live is user training. Nulogy’s professional services team expertly prepared Aaron Thomas’s people and processes remotely over the weeks preceding the go-live visit, and then led them through a structured training curriculum while on-site.

“The entire professional services team at Nulogy is very proud of the rapid success achieved with the latest Aaron Thomas site,” explained Mehran Malek, Nulogy’s Director of Professional Services. “It is the culmination of many years developing standard operating procedures and industry best practices that leverage the great power and flexibility of PackManager.”

The usability of the system, which was built specifically for contract packaging and manufacturing businesses, also helped make the transition on the shop floor very smooth. The in-office staff also shared that they welcomed having information at their fingertips that was never before available.

About Aaron Thomas Company :

Aaron Thomas is a full service contract packager specializing in food pouching and high volume co-pack services with operations throughout the United States. Relied on by several Fortune 500™ companies, Aaron Thomas is committed to high quality and efficient production. The company’s thought leadership and participation in the contract packaging community has been widely recognized.

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About Nulogy :

In 2007, Nulogy became the first company to create a Contract Packaging Management System. The cloud-based solution, PackManager, is used by the world’s premiere contract manufacturers and packagers across the world to reduce costs, improve compliance, and increase customer loyalty and is backed by a team of dedicated professionals to ensure PackManager customers always achieve success.

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Feb 29, 2012

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