Outbreak Readiness Resources

masked and gloved workers in a contract manufacturing plant

Nulogy Outbreak Preparedness Guide


Nulogy’s 12-page Outbreak Preparedness Guide aims to help contract packagers and manufacturers streamline operations to maintain business continuity.

blue globe with pandemic disease

Introducing Nulogy’s Rapid Contact Tracing capability


Learn how Nulogy's new Rapid Contact Tracing capability can mitigate risk and ensure business continuity for contract packagers and manufacturers.

worker wearing mask and gloves

Streamline Your COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols


Nulogy is offering a free trial of our Digital Quality Inspections solution, a SaaS-based product designed to digitize, streamline and enforce sophisticated quality control processes.

worker wearing safety gear and mask

Nulogy launches pandemic preparedness initiative to bolster health and safety protocols in supply chain


Nulogy launched its first pandemic preparedness initiative to equip external supply chain providers with new tools to manage increasingly complex operational processes resulting from COVID-19.

screen shot from webinar

Webinar Summary: How to adapt to COVID-19 with resilience and agility


Nulogy hosted a webinar panel focused on the challenges facing contract suppliers, as well as insights, solutions, and learnings gained from tackling the ongoing pandemic.

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Anticipating Future Supply Chain Challenges


Nulogy CEO Jason Tham reflects on how new strategies must be enacted to build safeguards that turn sinkholes into speed bumps, believing digitization and automation to be integral to globally mitigate risk.

all hands on deck

Responding to Extraordinary Challenges


Nulogy CEO Jason Tham writes about what must be done to ensure that we are shoring up our weaknesses and reinforcing our supply chains so that they can meet our everyday needs.

earth with red connection lines

Nulogy Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have a significant impact on businesses and personal lives around the world. Nulogy takes the health and safety of its employees and the criticality of the services we provide to our customers very seriously and has outlined its commitment within Nulogy’s business continuity plans.

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