Enable responsiveness, minimize errors, and directly plug into your customer’s supply chain with the seamless two-way data flow


    + Accommodate CPG integration specifications

    + Share the following information with your up and down-stream partners

    +Industry standard protocols include HTTPS, AS2, FTPS. File formats include EDI ANSI ASC X12, XML, Flat File or custom.

  • + Real-time, scalable data validation, transformation and routing enable quick data integration regardless of data complexity or volume.

    +Regular version updates, continuously add speed and quality to your customers

Quickly connect your contract packaging operations to your up and downstream partners


    + Reduce order and inventory updates from as long as 48 hours to minutes.

  • + Share the following information with your up and down-stream partners:
    – Purchase orders
    – Vendor purchase orders
    – Bill of Materials
    – Item master
    – Ship Orders
    – Goods receipt
    – SSCC level inventory transactions
    – ASNs
    – Adjustments and Damages
    – Job costs
    – Purchased Inventory transactions
    – SSCC level inventory transactions (inbound/outbound)
    – Job productivity

Preserve the integrity of your business and have confidence that you can keep your commitments, saves time by eliminating data entry and email errors


    + 24/7 uptime monitoring and alerting

    + Data-overload and failure-handling capabilities ensure business continuity and minimize the impact of system downtime on business partners

    + Scalable and load-balanced architecture to support your business growth and mission-critical processes.

  • + Transparently supports strong security protocols, data integrity checking and guaranteed delivery

    + Enables full access controls, threat blocking, policy enforcement and DMZ traversal

    + Audit/trails/tracking – the system is auditable and contains detail logs of transactions as they move through Nulogy Connect.

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