• Ensure the correct materials are on-hand

  • PackManager’s Planning and Ordering tools help you minimize downtime, prioritize your queue of orders so you fulfill them in the most logical progression, and optimize your material use across all orders over time.

Get insight into materials on-hand and know when you need to order

    · Complete real-time visibility into current inventory levels

    · View materials requirements by Ship Order or Project

    · View materials requirements and availability as daily breakdown or overall quantity


    · View scheduled Finished Goods production compared to Shipping requirements, required to schedule quantities

    · View total quantity of particular Finished Good that can be produced with on-hand and ordered materials

Improve the efficiency of ordering and receiving processes

    · Complete indexing and filter-search functionality for Receive Orders, Ship Orders and Projects (Vendor and Customer POs and work orders)

    · Mass-create Receive Orders against materials deficit expected in the future


    · Set customized Vendor lead times for ordering materials

    · Visibility into materials requirements, shortages and re-order by dates

Use historical data to drive waste out of your ordering practices

    · See a day-over-day Consumption Schedule

    · View the source(s) of Outstanding Consumption by Project

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PackManager Overview

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