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Within an increasingly volatile and complex consumer market, contract suppliers are standing out from their competitors by becoming more agile in their operations. Our mandate at Nulogy is to help unlock that agility through supply chain digitalization.

Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform helps contract manufacturing and packaging organizations run more efficient, profitable operations while improving quality and service levels—all while fostering stronger brand-supplier collaboration.

As we continue to innovate and build out our product strategy in service of greater supply chain agility, I’m pleased to share the key challenges that the Nulogy team has been tackling and the innovation that we will be bringing to market:

Agile customization capabilities for suppliers

Nulogy’s capabilities for suppliers encompasses four key areas of enablement:

Streamlined Resource Management:

Example: Capacity Planning - An overview of both forecasted and firm demand, allowing sites to create production schedules, analyze demand weeks or months in advance, while assessing capacity constraints, both in labor and capacity.

Increased Workflow Agility:

Example: BOM Versioning - The capability to manage and control multiple versions of a Bill of Materials (BOM). With this feature, users can ensure that only the correct, approved BOM is used for each Project. BOM Versioning also allows multiple concurrently running Projects to use different BOM versions.

Improved Interoperability:

Example: Reports API - With this feature, customers are able to automate BOM and Item Master data extraction, and send it straight to their BI and analytics systems for continual improvement.

Strengthened Quality Control:

Example: Quality Inspection Form Controls - The ability to control which Quality-focused User Groups are authorized to Create, Review, or Discard Inspections for a given Form.

Agile customization capabilities for consumer brands

Nulogy’s capabilities for consumer brands focuses on three main areas of enablement:

Enhanced Data Management:

Example: The CSV Import/Export function streamlines the data input and updating process for suppliers integrating with brand partners through the Ecosystem Solution. As a result, brands can leverage the increased data visibility to plan and collaborate more effectively.

Augmented Order Collaboration:

Example: Nulogy’s Demand and Supply Collaboration feature enables brands and suppliers to work together to determine order fulfillment capabilities. Automated history logs allow both parties to collaborate on more efficient processes in the future.

Improved Multi-Party Materials Visibility:

Example: Through the Materials Overview, brands can view their material levels and locations across their external supply chain network. With the ability to look up prices, quantity levels, and locations, brands can quickly assess and react to stock shortages, while these digitally enabled capabilities save time and reduce costly human errors.

Through the enhancement of the platform, we strive to provide brands and suppliers with the capabilities to better collaborate in a frictionless and agile way, and helping the supply chain ecosystem bring customized product experiences to market with ease, speed, and flexibility.

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Jul 19, 2019

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