Written By: Tom Perrone
Jan. 4, 2017

PackStar Awards 2017: Celebrating Our Customers’ Success Stories

Even though I only recently joined Nulogy, one thing has become abundantly clear: the relationship we have with our customers goes far beyond the typical B2B SaaS specialist vendor-customer relationship. At Nulogy, our customers are truly our partners.
As the VP of Customer Success, it’s amazing to see that the care, commitment, and dedication my team brings to each of their accounts is met with equal enthusiasm from our customers. Our dedicated customers communicate their needs and help my team ensure that we build the right solutions to solve their problems. We work hard to meet those needs and contribute to improving business processes, which in turn, enables our customers to become more valuable, strategic partners for their customers–and so real business growth multiplies throughout the supply chain.

Across the entire organization, but especially in Customer Success, we consider our success not to be solely measured by what we as an organization achieves but also by what our customers achieve. Simply put, our success is your success. This is ultimately the driving force behind the PackStar Awards, because these awards give us the opportunity to celebrate our customers’ achievements and their ability to leverage Nulogy solutions to improve and grow their business.

This year, we’ve tailored the PackStar Awards to better reflect the emerging qualities necessary to be a leading supplier of the future. The 2017 PackStar Award categories are as follows:

Leader of the Pack Award: This award celebrates the company who has continuously driven high adoption of all their Nulogy solutions, including new functionality and has found the best, most innovative ways to leverage them to power performance and business growth.

Outstanding Agility Award: This award recognizes the company that has best leveraged Nulogy solutions to serve a wide range of customers and services, and/or has been able to respond to unanticipated changes quickly and reliably, without compromising cost or quality of service.

Quality Excellence Award: This award recognizes the company which has best leveraged Nulogy solutions to deliver a higher quality of service and become the most trusted supplier to their customers.

Most Valuable Personnel (MVP) Award: This award recognizes either an individual or a team that has been instrumental in the successful implementation and adoption of Nulogy solutions. This individual or team has championed Nulogy solutions internally to help their company achieve their corporate objectives.

Strategic Partner Award: This award recognizes the supplier who has best leveraged Nulogy solutions to collaborate and build stronger relationships with their customers.

We are passionate about recognizing our customers’ accomplishments. So please, take the time to share your success stories with us and nominate yourself for a PackStar Award. I’m looking forward to celebrating your achievements together at Nulogy xChange 2017.

To nominate yourself for the PackStar Awards, click here.

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