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We are living in extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our society in unprecedented ways. Our world a week ago feels very different from our world today.

In the wake of the uncertainty and unpredictability caused by this crisis, it is natural and understandable—and even expected—to feel afraid, nervous, or anxious. I have shared those feelings. We are a part of a global phenomenon unlike any in our lifetime.

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in ways we are just beginning to comprehend. We are isolating ourselves from friends, family, and colleagues. We are coping with the economic impacts of social disconnection. We are buying through panic and fear.

You’ve no doubt seen social media images of barren supermarket shelves, hoarded pallets of sanitizer or shopping carts stuffed with toilet paper rolls. In responding to disruption on such a massive scale, we have become even more volatile purchasers.

I have no end of admiration for the supply chain professionals who continue to work on the floor every day to deliver the products that sustain our quality of life—in addition to the brave medical workers fighting this health crisis on the front lines.

Those of us in supply chain are no stranger to managing the volatility that stems from rapidly evolving market conditions. This volatility has continually pressured supply chains to react with increasing speed and flexibility. A global phenomenon like COVID-19, however, exposes how vulnerable we and our supply chains truly are.

What must we do to ensure that today, and every day after, we are shoring up our weaknesses and reinforcing our supply chains so that they can meet our everyday needs?

I believe it is our responsibility to examine, assess, and fortify three key areas of supply chain:

Adaptability: As we have seen in the last few days, change can come very quickly and from unforeseen corners. It’s important to practice the mindset as well as the capabilities necessary to react responsibly to external factors.

Community: We are nothing without our relationships, both personally and professionally. In our day-to-day, we may occasionally lose sight of the fact that we are interacting with fellow humans. But, in times like these, it is so important to reach out to each other and communicate. Communicate genuinely to build genuine relationships. Our connections make us stronger.

Technology: Today’s technology has enabled us to communicate at a pace and scale unlike any other in human history. The digital age has brought forth capabilities and tools we never thought possible in even the last five years—and we’re just getting started. Harness technology for increased business data, speed, and efficiency...because we will need them.

Here at Nulogy, we are fortunate enough to be able to adapt our office for remote working environments, enabling us to continue working toward solutions that help our clients adapt to the challenges they face. Through our platform, we’re helping brands and external suppliers collaborate more effectively and with less friction for more resilient, efficient supply chain networks. Within our platform, we continue to iterate and provide capabilities our community can leverage to manage volatile production demand and deliver with agility.

Though we may feel isolated and uncertain in times like these, I strongly believe that we as humans are uniquely equipped with the capacity to find solutions together. I have no doubt that we'll be able to rise to the challenge of emerging from this crisis stronger and smarter.

And, during these volatile times, where we not only may feel alone, and are in fact encouraged to isolate—I believe it is more important than ever for us to come together.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay united!

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Mar 19, 2020

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