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At Nulogy xChange 2021, we had the pleasure of hearing from Nicole Barrick, Director of Global Manufacturing Services at Church & Dwight, on the topic of becoming the brand of choice for external partners. Nicole outlined how global leader Church & Dwight is evolving its strategies and technologies to foster stronger relationships with its external partners. In her role, Nicole manages all external manufacturing operations.

Church & Dwight is a $5 billion company and one of the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods companies in the world. The company is best known as a leader in the household consumer products and personal care industries, with well-known brands such as ARM & HAMMER™, Trojan™, First Response™, Nair™, Spinbrush™, OxiClean™, Orajel™ and more.

Church & Dwight started its Nulogy implementation in late 2019, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, Nicole’s work with external partners focused on strategic planning and finding ways to meet the needs of the company in the long term. In 2020, her role turned to short-term “firefighting” and finding ways to adapt to manufacturing challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Three Ways Nulogy Improved Collaboration with External Partners

During her presentation, Nicole described three ways that Nulogy’s technology has improved Church & Dwight’s collaboration with its external manufacturing network:

  • Automating manual processes for improved network efficiency
  • Adding transparency and visibility into all processes
  • Enabling and improving collaboration among disparate teams and external partners

Automating Manual Processes

The first way Nulogy’s multi-enterprise platform improved Church & Dwight’s collaboration with its many external partners–such as contract manufacturers–was the automation of manual processes to digitize external partner production processes and streamline communications.

By moving from labor-intensive manual data flow to automated processes via Nulogy, Church & Dwight achieved benefits that cascaded beyond its four walls. The improvements to communication and production processes will allow the Church & Dwight network to move from short-term “firefighting” to more value-added, strategic efforts. The network digitization efforts have improved collaboration and delivered visibility into Church & Dwight’s external partner network, and the gained efficiencies will help the brand shift back to the strategic position it held before the pandemic.

"It’s not just our team that benefited from the automation. We’re seeing impacts throughout the entire organization." Nicole Barrick

Adding Transparency and Visibility

Church & Dwight works with a sizable network of external manufacturers, and needed a platform to enable data transparency and visibility. Nulogy’s platform automates near real-time collaboration and optimizes visibility of external network operational data to streamline multi-enterprise decision making. Through a digitally transformed network, Church & Dwight and its external partners share a singular, real-time view of orders, material movements and capacity, helping to collaborate on future projects. As a result, the network benefits from improved communication and increased efficiency.

"Nulogy helps us expand and push the envelope in terms of how much visibility we can achieve and how far ahead and proactive we can be."Nicole Barrick

Nicole indicated that with greater transparency, external partners were better able to share issues and challenges. The company found more opportunities for openness among their external partners, who were all dealing with the same challenges and circumstances. During the height of the pandemic, the company became more collaborative and found creative ways to connect more frequently. For example, Church & Dwight worked with various teams, including HR, about labor issues, regional challenges, PPE shortages, and how to keep manufacturing lines running while maintaining social distances. As a result, the Nulogy platform helped foster collaborative problem-solving.

“We’re constantly evolving and learning, so having a platform like Nulogy that is able to adapt with us and keep up with us is critical to our long-term goals.”Nicole Barrick

Enabling and Improving Collaboration

The automation of data flow and centralizing of multi-enterprise communications enabled Church & Dwight to significantly improve collaboration with its external partners.

“Before Nulogy, we had multiple teams on different systems with none of them able to communicate with each other. Nulogy makes the data accessible, easy to use, readable and executable – that’s extremely important to us.”Nicole Barrick

Through real-time data visibility, Church & Dwight’s network of external manufacturers can now communicate and collaborate on production status, brand activities, future forecasts, and more. By seeing the same data and notifications in near real-time, the brand and its network gained a two-way flow of data about demand, inventory, capacity, production planning, quality and purchasing. In doing so, both Church & Dwight and its external manufacturers mutually gain value from strengthened relationships.

“With improved collaboration, our partners feel a sense of ownership and share the same passion for making our products as we have for selling our products.”Nicole Barrick

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Nov 25, 2021

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