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As part of Nulogy xChange 2021, I had the privilege of moderating a panel session with the team at Capacity LLC, a New Jersey-based third party logistics company with multiple facilities serving brand clients in cosmetics, hair and skin care, as well as electronics and apparel. Capacity onboarded with Nulogy at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which itself presented a challenge in terms of remote implementation. Despite this roadblock, however, Capacity has been able to implement the Nulogy platform across multiple facilities over the course of a year, and has yielded a range of efficiency and process-related wins in a relatively short time.

During this session, I had the pleasure of speaking with the following members of the Capacity team:

  • Casey Pipero, Director of Assembly
  • Ed Shapiro, Senior Director of Engineering
  • Karan Maniar, Industrial Engineer

Over the course of the panel discussion, the team highlighted three main benefit areas from their experience working with Nulogy:

Improved Process Structure

With the implementation of Nulogy, the Capacity team saw an opportunity to revisit and restructure their operational workflows and best practices. Prior to Nulogy, all of its value-added services (VAS) were handled through pen-and-paper-based processes. Daily metrics such as production and attendance were all recorded by hand, and client communications such as kitting approvals and inspections were conducted through long email chains. Now, all of the above processes are digitized, with all the production data flowing to a centralized real-time dashboard for increased visibility.

It is difficult for the Capacity team to envision what life was like before Nulogy. “Previously, I used to carry a calculator on the shop floor,” Pipero said. “Now, during a work order, we know what’s happening every step of the way. We are now used to having that level of visibility.”

A significant part of the process structure improvement, Karan Maniar said, is due to the support offered by the Nulogy team. “Nulogy University was a great resource for building confidence about how to use the software,” Maniar explained. “Nulogy’s course library helped explain how each function could be used, and having a custom training environment sped up the onboarding process for our line leads.”

Business-wide Efficiencies

Because Capacity initially implemented Nulogy for its value-added services, the platform was able to help Capacity achieve business goals through enhanced productivity and labor tracking, as well as improved scheduling and inventory visibility (previously a data blind spot for its VAS department). However, the team found that the benefits of the Nulogy platform could be customized and expanded to other departments within the organization.

"Nulogy has strengthened our process structure and best practices, and has helped us explore the corners of our operations where we could gain more benefit." Ed Shapiro

For example, Nulogy’s Digital Quality Inspections (DQI) solution has been adapted for almost every other department within Capacity, aiding several co-packing, order fulfillment and reverse logistics functions such as receiving and returns through its customizability. As a specific example, Capacity was able to deliver a customer service win by providing a quick, real-time solution to sharing inspection data, instead of the previous method that required manual, customized document creation.

Tech-Enabled Growth

As Capacity continues to grow, the team expects technology to play a pivotal role in helping the organization scale up its operations. As departments such as value-added services grow in function and customer base, there will be many opportunities in the future to leverage the Nulogy platform for added functionality and problem-solving.

"As a tech-driven company, we work with in-house developers as well as other application service providers, so we’ve seen it all. Nulogy is a great partner to work with."Ed Shapiro

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Dec 01, 2021

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