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Nulogy GO is the only solution that enables CPG brands to transform their outsourced supply chain from an arms-length support system into a strategic differentiator.


Trust begins when managers let go of
internal biases and make a conscious choice to follow mutually agreed upon standards in order to better understand current performance and opportunities for improvement.

Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model

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Black Box Blues

Last-mile product customization of promotional orders is complex. Without visibility, alignment, and trust with outsourced parties, CPG brand owners face serious obstacles to delivering the perfect order to retailers:


Broken Promises

Customer service agreements are the currency of healthy business growth. Making commitments that you can’t keep spoils lucrative relationships and incurs hefty setbacks.

  • Accumulating retailer penalties due to unmet customer service agreements erodes trust
  • Chargebacks caused by inaccurate forecasting can substantially impact your bottom line
  • Once a retailer relationship is damaged, repairing it can be a huge challenge

Ballooning Costs

QCloud’s instant reporting features expedite the audit process by allowing you to quickly generate audit reports so you can zero in on non-conformance.

  • Settling for workarounds like these to ensure customer service agreements are kept, add up to more waste and unnecessary costs that eat away at your bottom line:
  • Rush deliveries and expedited freight
  • Additional or unexpected labor overtime
  • Overstocked inventory buffers

Nulogy GO

GO Unifies CPG Brand Owners And Outsourced Suppliers

  1. Guaranteed Outcomes
  2. Purpose-Driven Action
  3. Measurements That Matter
  4. Straightforward Collaboration

1. Guaranteed Outcomes


Ensure that you uphold your brand’s reputation and consistently deliver the perfect order to retailers.

  • Reduce the risk of not fulfilling orders on time and in full
  • Respond quickly to changing supplier capacity and honour your contracts

2. Purpose-Driven Action

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Monitor milestone status updates and measure each step of order execution.

  • Compare the performance of in-progress orders to the performance of past orders for continuous improvement
  • Identify late orders, and diagnose costly bottlenecks to drive effective action and decision making

3. Measurements That Matter

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Compare detailed benchmarks of product lines and product customization promotions to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

  • Hone in on and determine who the best-of-the-best suppliers are for each individual product line
  • Work together with your strategic suppliers to reduce inefficiencies in their operations as well as your own

4. Straightforward Collaboration


Sharing data can create more difficulties than benefits if it’s not done right. Eliminate the politics of data sharing and get down to actually optimizing your operations.

  • Real-time common and up-to-date source of truth that all internal stakeholders can access and use.
  • Real-time and common and up-to-date source of truth that all external suppliers can access and leverage.

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