Nulogy builds software to power contract packaging

Brands demand guaranteed outcomes at higher quality, lower cost and faster speed-to-market. You need a more effective way to manage production and quality control.

Nulogy provides the only solutions specifically designed to manage contract packaging operations.

Discover how you can leverage the power of PackManager for production execution and QCloud for quality control.

Improve your contract packaging performance


Real-Time Visibility

With PackManager’s insight into performance and profitability, you have at your fingertips the real-time production visibility you need to catch efficiency bottlenecks as they occur, and make the necessary real-time adjustments to deliver guaranteed outcomes.


Improved Traceability

The contract packaging environment is becoming ever more complex and regulatory requirements tighter. You need to demonstrate that your production process maintains high levels of traceability, to give your customers peace of mind.


Seamless Interconnectivity

To be truly collaborative, you need to ensure that information flows seamlessly between all stakeholders. PackManager keeps you better connected within your own systems, and also between those of your customers and partners, enabling greater collaboration and better decisions.


Better Return on Investment

With PackManager automating and powering their business, most contract packagers start seeing real financial benefits in just three months, through improvements in labor efficiency, quoting time, and reporting productivity, amongst others.

See how PackManager can help your contract packaging business deliver more.

Modernize your quality control processes overnight


Efficient Data

QCloud does away with the need for paper-based data collection, allowing you to digitally conduct quality checks through easily customized forms.


Real-Time Decision Making

QCloud is cloud-based, so your quality data is stored centrally, making it instantly accessible from anywhere in the world, enabling real-time decision making, no matter how your organization is structured.



QCloud helps you streamline, maintain and enforce your quality assurance processes, with digital time stamps on production checks and signatures that help you provide instant traceability and accountability.

See how QCloud can improve your quality control process.


Nulogy’s cutting-edge software and innovative cloud technology help you deliver the power and performance of modern contract packaging.