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QCloud’s real-time management and reporting takes quality control into the 21st Century, providing audit-ready data and eliminating error.


With the QCloud quality control solution, we have customers come on-site to scope out our fulfillment operations, and they’re always impressed with how modern and automated our systems and processes are. It’s led to big wins for our business.

Wayne Jurgielewicz
Director of Operations
Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment


Features That Enable You

Specifically designed to improve your quality control processes, QCloud is a cloud-based software solution that makes data collection, reporting, and analysis fast and easy. These are just some of its features:


Interactive Dashboard

QCloud’s interactive dashboard lets you tailor the way you track and interpret data, giving you the ability to identify data trends and non-conformances at a glance.

  • See real-time status of quality data collection
  • View month-to-date progress by Item, Line, Customer, or Form
  • Drill-down on charts to view details behind the graph
  • Quickly filter and identify non-conformances

Powerful Reporting

QCloud’s instant reporting features expedite the audit process by allowing you to quickly generate audit reports so you can zero in on non-conformance.

  • Expedite the audit process
  • Filter by any criteria to quickly zero-in on non-conformance
  • Aggregate results over any time period
  • Export your results

Responsive Data Capture

Tailor your quality inspection process and data formats to your exact specifications. QCloud allows you to do it with ease.

  • Specify the fields and the data entry methods that you need (drop down lists, free form text, pass/fail measures, etc)
  • Attach reference images
  • Specify checks which require ratings
  • Preview your forms on the mobile interface

Effective Administration

You can add new users and grant access to forms and workflows with just a few clicks and in less than a minute. In QCloud user administration is always fast and easy.

  • Add and setup a new user in only three clicks
  • Control access to forms and data
  • Support an unlimited number of users


Modernize Your Quality Control with QCloud

  1. Reliable Data Collection
  2. Real-Time Performance
  3. Process Enforcement

1. Reliable Data Collection


QCloud eliminates the need for paper-based systems, allowing you to digitally gather data through easily customized forms.

  • Digital platform
  • Customizable forms
  • Configure inspection workflow

2. Real-Time Performance

QCloudManagementScreenshot (480x270)

QCloud is cloud-based so your quality data is stored centrally making it instantly accessible from anywhere in the world as soon as it’s collected.

  • Cloud-based and real-time
  • Central data storage
  • Accessible from anywhere

3. Process Enforcement

extra quality control (480x270)

QCloud can help you streamline, maintain and enforce your quality assurance processes.

  • Streamline quality checks
  • Enforce quality assurance procedures
  • Timestamped, digital signatures

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Find out how QCloud can improve your quality control overnight and make the perfect order a reality. Learn how to centralize and digitalize the way you collect, store and analyze quality data.

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