We’re all players in creating a better way to bring consumer products to market.

To succeed in today’s modern age of contract packaging, you need the right team and the right tools. Nulogy is here to help.

Since 2008, contract packaging providers have been turning to flexible and efficient solutions with high levels of automation in order to compete in the marketplace.

Our technology helps contract packaging providers manage operations, connect partners, and reveal insights in ways that were never before possible.

Outcomes You

  • Low Cost
  • High Quality
  • Speed

Benefits That Our Technology Delivers

  • Visibility
  • Quality Assurance & Traceability
  • Interconnectivity

Award-winning technology solutions that enable better outcomes

3 Billion
Consumer units

18 Million
Hours tracked by PackManager

12 Million
Pallets moved


Powering Contract Packaging Performance

Specifically designed to handle the complexities of your industry, only PackManager enables you to significantly cut costs, improve quality, and increase your speed of delivery. Today’s fastest-growing contract packagers use PackManager and agree they would never run without it again.


Modernizing Your Quality

QCloud makes it easier to collect, store, and leverage quality data for compliance and process improvement. With QCloud, quality issues have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Its real-time quality control management and audit-ready reporting enables you to revolutionize your quality practices overnight.

Our services and expertise deliver what contract packaging providers need to perform better and deliver results.

Our team is here to support you and enable your success from start to finish. You’re in the care of trusted experience.

Outcomes You

  • Painless implementation and rapid adoption
  • Connect with partners and customers
  • Continuous improvement for your team
  • Ongoing support and peace of mind
  • Success planning to ensure you hit your business goals

Benefits That Our Technology Delivers

  • Professional Services Team
  • Integrations Team
  • Education & Consulting Team
  • Global Support Team
  • Customer Success Team

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We provide you the tools and expertise to better manage your operation, connect with partners, and reveal insights to take your business to the next level.

Services That Enable Your Success

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Our Professional Services Team…

Gets you started by ensuring your site is up and running quickly, without disrupting your scheduled production and ensuring that it matches your business workflows.

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Our Integrations Services Team…

Helps you extend your reach by allowing you to integrate your systems with those of your customers and partners, for an interconnected supply chain.

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Our Educational Services Team…

Delivers the on-demand web-based training programs and one-on-one guidance you need to continuously develop your industry skills and understanding of our tools.

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Our Global Support

Is always on hand if you have technical issues that require a little more expertise.

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Our Customer Success Team…

Is committed to your continued success and continually seeking to help improve your performance.

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