Advanced Logistics and Fulfillment (ALF) is a 100% woman-owned business located in Kansas City, Missouri. ALF specializes in point of purchase displays for major retailers and warehouse clubs in the greeting cards, pet food and back to school markets.



SAVED NEARLY $1,000,000

From 2015 to 2016, PackManager helped ALF reduce labor costs by 15%


Starting as a small scale operation, ALF managed production orders using paper and spreadsheets. As the company began to grow, operating on paper and spreadsheets were limiting ALF’s ability to effectively scale due to:

    · Inefficient and time-consuming manual processes

    · Limited visibility for labor and inventory tracking

    · Lack of access to real-time visibility over efficiency and profitability, leaving their senior team in the dark for days, sometimes weeks after the project finished

“Before PackManager was introduced, we were running production using lots of spreadsheets. We were keeping track of labor hours and production on projects that we were running but we weren’t able to see that in real-time. Having PackManager give us that information in real-time has been a huge benefit to production and the understanding of how everything operates at ALF.” AMBER WIEDMIER – DIVISIONAL MANAGER


In order to scale their operations effectively, ALF needed a better production management system than paper and spreadsheets. They needed a system which could automatically track their labor and inventory in real-time so they could easily identify bottlenecks in their production lines. They also needed transparency into their projects so they could make good financial decisions in real-time and ensure profitability. ALF chose to partner with Nulogy and implement PackManager and QCloud in order to get the real-time data and transparency they required.

“PackManager helps me be more effective at my job by allowing me to look into our facility and use the real-time data to make good financial decisions. In the past, I would have to sift through mounds of paperwork and take hours to go through spreadsheets to get the information I needed to identify ways to improve our operations. Now I can just go into PackManager and within seconds or minutes, run the reports I need.” WAYNE JURGIELEWICZ – DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS


After the successful implementation of PackManager and QCloud, ALF has been able to successfully scale their business and increase profitability by:

    · Increasing line efficiencies which has led to a decrease in labor costs by 15%, resulting in about $1,000,000 in savings from 2015 to 2016

    · Using real-time data and reporting to identify bottlenecks and make smarter and more responsive financial decisions

    · Having transparent and open communication across the organization to enable better collaboration and team alignment with corporate goal

“Managing labor is central to our success as a company. Wayne’s use of and understanding of PackManager and how that can affect the efficiencies in our plant has been central to us decreasing our labor costs by 15% in the last year.” KAREN MATHES – PRESIDENT


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