ARI Packaging is a contract packager and contract manufacturer operating in four locations throughout the US. They provide a range of services including re-packaging, bundling, bagging, and display building for large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) customers, specializing in food and beverage market.

Nestlé Purina Petcare (NPPC) is a large CPG which focuses on petcare consumer products. Customer demand for NPPC’s products has been rapidly growing. When they reached a point where they could no longer handle the volume of orders at their own manufacturing plants, NPPC chose to partner with ARI to help meet their customer demand.




ARI Packaging saved 408 labor hours in 6 months


NPPC reduced product turnaround time by 2–3 days


When ARI and NPPC began their relationship, ARI was using Nulogy’s PackManager to run their operations and NPPC was using their own ERP system. Using two individual systems to work together posed challenges

    · Manual data entry processes were time-consuming for both ARI and NPPC

    · Manual processes limited NPPC’s ability to immediately turnaround product from ARI to their customers

    · Inability to share real-time data

“ARI Packaging is committed to integrating with our customers because it allows us to be strategic in the way we approach our relationships. When we are integrated, it gives our customers the visibility they need to support their customers in a confident manner. It also allows us to overtime operate more efficiently and keep our costs as low as possible for our customers.GARY MCCULLOUGH – CEO


ARI and NPPC needed a way to seamlessly communicate shipping notifications, inventory and reports to help reduce the amount of manual data entry and eliminate the shipping delay to NPPC’s customers. The two decided to integrate PackManager with NPPC’s ERP system to increase accuracy and reduce delays.

“When we integrate with our client partners’ systems, we are able to provide them with real-time data. When we can provide real-time data on the status of inventory as it moves through the supply chain, we enable our customers to make timely business decisions.” BETH WAGNER – SENIOR MANAGER OF BUSINESS SYSTEMS


After completing a successful and timely integration project between the two systems, ARI and NPPC saw immediate ROI:

    · Within the first 6 months, ARI saved 408 labor hours through automation. They were able to shave time spent on preparing shipments to and processing shipments from NPPC, preparing receipt reports and updating inventory adjustments for cost savings

    · NPPC decreased turnaround time of product from ARI to their customers by 2-3 days by eliminating the manual data entry processes previously necessary to turnaround product from ARI to NPPC customers

    · Both parties gained the ability to share real-time reporting and analytics, which increased inventory accuracy

“The reason technology plays such a critical role in building strategic partnerships is because the integration projects help us validate that we are working with suppliers with a strong quality environment and quality assurance processes. We do extensive testing including visiting the supplier’s facility to run through an entire day’s worth of activities. This not only helps us ensure that the electronic messaging will be successful but also allows us to build a long term relationship with a trusted, high quality partner.” DENNIS HEIMANN – CSU MANAGER


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