Cascade Coffee is a premier gourmet coffee contract manufacturer located near Seattle, Washington. The company specializes in roasting, grinding, flavoring, and packaging coffee, catering to the world’s finest coffee brands and shipping orders both across the United States and internationally.

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Prior to Nulogy, manufacturing and packaging processes at Cascade Coffee were handled by paper-based methods and manually-updated spreadsheets. Cascade wanted a modern software solution to digitalize their shop floor processes and drive operational efficiency and business growth. Challenges they were facing included:
• Difficulties managing and tracking production performance throughout multi-stage manufacturing processes, such as roasting, grinding, flavoring, packaging, and quality control.
• Lack of inventory visibility throughout production, resulting in:
◦ Production and consumption of inventory not being managed in real-time.
◦ No visibility into inventory of the intermediary Finished Goods between each processing step.
• Minimal inventory management capabilities with no pallet numbers or picking functionality.
• Inefficient materials planning due to lack of data and inventory visibility.
• Paper-based traceability workflows that required days to perform a recall, as the team would have to manually process paperwork.
• Painful, time-consuming ship order picking that required manual unit picks out of a full pallet.


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