MSL Packaging and Fulfillment (MSL) is a contract packaging company specializing in secondary packaging, blister packaging, shrink wrapping, club pallet displays and crisis management. They operate as a single site in Indianapolis, Indiana and offer a range of value added services including warehousing and transportation.




Using PackManager, MSL was able to increase their labor profit margins by 15%


When MSL first entered the contract packaging industry, they used a warehouse management system (WMS) to run their business. Attempts to leverage the WMS system to run their contract packaging operation made it very difficult to tell if they were being profitable because they didn’t have:

    · The functionality they needed to control major costs like labor and materials

    · Real-time visibility of their production lines

    · A way to measure production efficiency

“Prior to PackManager, we were a contract packaging company operating as a warehouse and we quickly understood that there were gaps in our current WMS system. In order for us to efficiently work products into finished goods, we needed to keep track of our labor and costing. A typical WMS does not handle that so we knew we needed to find a dedicated contract packaging solution to help us manage our operations more efficiently.”JEREMY BUNCE – CEO


As MSL looked to scale their operations, they looked for a system that could support their business growth. They needed a system which could help them track labor hours and production efficiency, and improve their material planning and inventory management to give them a deeper understanding and control of their operational costs. They also needed real-time visibility and transparency into their production lines so they could gauge profitability. MSL chose to partner with Nulogy and implement PackManager for the system’s ability to provide the functionality, real-time analytics and transparency they required to grow the business.

“Implementing PackManager has helped us improve our operations in a few key areas. We are now able to trace our labor and understand if our programs are profitable or not. It’s increased our efficiency and decreased the number of inventory related errors.” JEREMY BUNCE- PRESIDENT


After implementing PackManager, MSL was able to scale the business and increase profitability by:

    · Tracking labor costs and efficiently staffing jobs which lead to a 15% increase of labor profit margins

    · Having visibility into the inventory and materials they had on hand so they could plan and use their resources more effectively

    · Being able to immediately identify bottlenecks in their production lines and make quick business decisions to resolve the issues and increase efficiency

“Nulogy has everything we need. Real-time data collection, labor tracking, and the ability to look into a system to see if we are being profitable. I honestly can’t imagine how we lived before Nulogy.” CHRISTIN REIGEL – DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS


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