Universal Container & Packaging (UCP) develops and provides innovative packaging solutions for the computer and electronics industry, including design, testing, thermoforming, contract assembly and distribution. Based in Chino, California, the company operates out of a 307,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center, with round-the-clock customer care ensuring customer products are handled with efficiency and control. Many businesses talk about delivering quality to their customers, but at Universal Container & Packaging (UCP), it’s not an idle statement – it’s intrinsic to the company’s existence.

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Steve Wardwell, Head of Quality, was determined to arm his team with the right tools to provide the highest level of quality possible. In 2012 when Wardwell joined UCP, the company was still relying heavily on paperwork for managing and reporting production data. Every job in the warehouse would leave a paper trail, originating with a quality check sheet, detailing specifics such as Customer, Job Number, and other relevant attributes. This paper would then travel from floor to supervisor to management, ultimately to be filed away. Inspection reports would then be generated on an Excel spreadsheet, using the copious amounts of written data. However, if there were any errors in the written data, it was a challenge to trace back to the original tick sheet and determine the source of the mistake

We run our business on success metrics, so rapid and reliable data access and report generation are keys to our success. It may sound simplistic, but it’s significant in order to control and run the business, and reach the level of quality our customers deserve.”STEVE WARDWELL, HEAD of QUALITY


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