Verst Group is a third party logistics company with warehousing, transportation and contract packaging services in 18 locations across four states. Verst has expanded into a wide range of industries including automotive, wine and spirits, personal care, and food and beverage.




PackManager helped Verst Group eliminate 75% of their paperwork


When Verst first entered the contract packaging space, they tried to manage their operations using a warehouse management system (WMS) and eventually moved on to develop their own contract packaging solution. Trying to run their contract packaging operation using a WMS and subsequently, an in-house solution presented many challenges, including:

    · Lacking control over critical contract packaging functions, such as invoicing, inventory management, and labor tracking

    · Lacking business insights about bottlenecks and areas of inefficiencies in their operation

    · Heavy reliance on time-consuming manual paper processes which resulted in data entry errors and limited their ability to maintain accurate records

“Early challenges when we started up our contract packaging division were trying run a manufacturing operation with a warehouse management system. It just didn’t have what we needed to. So we made the classic mistake of actually trying to home build a system and bolt it onto a WMS and it was inefficient and did not work.” WILL SCHRETZMAN – VP of PACKAGING


As contract packaging was one of the fastest growing divisions of Verst, they knew they needed a system designed for contract packaging that could scale with the business. Verst decided to partner with Nulogy and implement PackManager, the only solution dedicated to managing contract packaging processes.


Nulogy’s PackManager helped Verst improve their contract packaging operations by:

    · Providing invoicing, inventory management, labor tracking and reporting functionality

    · Providing the real-time data and transparency necessary to be successful

    · Eliminating 75% of their paperwork

    · Increasing production efficiency

“The strategic role of the Packaging division is very important in Verst Group because we are a key driver of overall revenue for the company. We offer our contract packaging services but we also bundle those with transportation and warehousing, so in a sense, when Packaging wins, the rest of the divisions win, and ultimately Verst Group wins, so it’s important for us to be very successful and Nulogy will help us get there.” WILL SCHRETZMAN – VP of PACKAGING


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