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Essential Package for Contract Packers

As a growing contract packing business, you’re no stranger to managing a myriad of SKUs, tight deadlines, and changing customer demands. The workflows you use—most likely incorporating manual processes, spreadsheets, or a custom-built software solution—have gotten you this far. However…is your current co-pack production system helping you cut costs and waste out of your business, or is it just getting you by?

Nulogy is the industry leader in software for contract packers. We are dedicated to helping growth-oriented contract packers leverage best-in-class software solutions without significant investment or upfront cost, and leverage a rapid deployment strategy to quickly yield return on investment.

Nulogy’s Essential Package for Contract Packers gives you access to the key modules within Nulogy’s co-pack software system, which allows you to run more efficient, profitable operations while improving quality and service levels—with an implementation timeframe of 15 days.

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