Driving speed and efficiency across external manufacturing networks

Powering production floors and real-time collaboration between manufacturers and their extended supply chain partners.

Market volatility demands greater supply chain agility and resilience.

Only purpose-built solutions power agile and resilient external manufacturing networks.

Nulogy provides operational control and collaboration solutions for manufacturers and their extended supply chains, purpose-built to enable the ecosystem of contract packagers, contract manufacturers, value-added 3PLs, packaging suppliers, and manufacturers to collaborate with agility and responsiveness. 

Nulogy’s Cloud-based Platform

Helping manufacturers and their external supply chain partners work smarter together. 

Drive network visibility and collaboration

Nulogy’s Supplier Collaboration Solution helps businesses reduce lead times, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent quality across their supplier network.

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Boost shop floor efficiency and agility

Nulogy’s Shop Floor Solution helps contract packaging and manufacturing providers reduce waste, improve quality control, and enhance service levels for customers.

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Unleash agility and responsiveness with real-time data

Nulogy’s Data Solution provides users with cloud-based, self-serve data analytics that simplifies complex data at scale.

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Unlock seamless connectivity

Nulogy’s Connect Solution bolsters service levels and speed-to-market with low-code/no-code solutions for connecting into your customers’ and suppliers’ technologies. 

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With the digital transformation through Nulogy, we’re breaking down barriers and bringing light into what was once a black box. We can see how our customization partners are performing and their impact into our supply chain.
Selin Celikkol Director, Demand Planning and Value Chain Analytics Colgate-Palmolive

See how Nulogy is helping Colgate-Palmolive digitally transform its extended customization network for faster response and deeper collaboration.

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Hundreds of extended supply chain networks and co-pack operations are powered by Nulogy.  

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Industries We Serve

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Nulogy is named as the only notable vendor for contract packaging and manufacturing networks by Gartner.

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