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Nulogy is an award-winning provider of supply chain collaboration and operational solutions. 

Our cloud-based multi-enterprise platform synchronizes the network, allowing manufacturers and their external supply chain partners to respond seamlessly to a volatile retail and consumer environment, all while reducing waste, minimizing costs, and accelerating growth.

The Nulogy Platform powers hundreds of contract manufacturing, co-packing, third-party logistics, and raw material and packaging sites all around the world. Many of the world’s leading brands and their partners use Nulogy to strengthen the performance of their external supply networks.

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Synchronizing the Network

Nulogy digitally enables brands to manage their supplier ecosystems as true networks, rather than linear chains.

As a multi-enterprise collaboration platform, Nulogy is purpose-built for manufacturers to collaborate more effectively with their external networks—including contract packagers, contract manufacturers, value-added 3PLs and raw and packaging suppliers—and uses real-time shop floor data to enable bidirectional collaboration off a single source of truth.

No other solution is purpose-built to solve the visibility and collaboration challenges that often comes with leveraging a contract supplier network. According to Gartner, Nulogy is the only notable vendor for multi-enterprise collaboration for the contract manufacturing and co-packing industry. See how Nulogy can help you get the most out of your supply chain partnerships.

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We build solutions from the ground up

We made our name in providing operational solutions for contract suppliers. To this day, our competitive edge lies in the ability to pull accurate real-time data from the production floors of contract manufacturing and co-packing operations — and giving suppliers and customers access to actionable insights at their fingertips.

Invest in agile execution

In an increasingly volatile marketplace, you can only get so far by simply investing in upstream forecasting and supply chain planning against ever-changing demand signals. You need to invest in responsiveness where rubber meets the road: manufacturing execution. We enable you and your external supply chain network to respond to market fluctuations and execute on a dime against any disruption you may face.

We believe in collaboration, not control

External supply chain partners are critical allies of their brand customers, and contribute strategically to growth and profitability. To succeed and profit in a landscape rife with volatility, brands and their external partners must foster mutuality and trust in order to work together more effectively. At Nulogy, we enable the capabilities needed to do so with our multi-enterprise collaboration platform for the entire external ecosystem.

Sustainability Mandate

We believe that the supply chain community plays an important role in improving the quality of life for present and future generations.

We’re committed to harmonizing supply chain ecosystems to reduce waste from the way consumer products are made. 

We believe that:

  • Supply chains are an interconnected community of partners
  • We have strong leaders in the supply chain community
  • Reduction in supply chain waste is a global sustainability concern

To bring about a more sustainable future, we believe supply chains need to:

  • Demonstrate openness and agility with their partners
  • Invest in faster and more data-driven decision making
  • Standardize, automate, and find efficient ways of doing business

Our Partners

We partner with industry-leading integration, implementation, and consulting firms to help maximize your investments and synchronize your end-to-end business processes.

Awards & Recognition

We’re honored to be recognized by the industry for our innovative solutions, outstanding service, and strong culture.

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