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Summit Packaging Solutions

Summit has used Nulogy as an integral part of its software systems since 2017, and has benefited significantly from improvements in both production performance and quality management.

Founded in 1984, Summit Packaging Solutions is a U.S.-based manufacturing company that delivers end-to-end solutions for major companies in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

With multiple locations across the U.S., Summit specializes in contract packaging solutions for a broad range of products including high-end cosmetics, food, beverage, and other sensitive materials.

Greater quality-related documentation accuracy

Summit now uses Nulogy across all its production sites to document quality checks, capture quality issues, document results of batch record reviews, inspect incoming trucks, inbound pallet inspections, capture daily training records, and capture label and lot code information. Batch record accuracy is now conducted digitally with a consistent 90%+ accuracy rate.

Improved fulfillment rates

Since digitalizing all areas of its production environment, Summit has generated cost savings for customers in the seven figure range, and has also driven inventory improvement to 97%, customer fill rate to 99%, and gleaned related efficiency gains throughout the business.

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See how Nulogy helps Summit Packaging optimize production operations through digitalization.

When we’re going after a new customer or we’re growing a relationship with a current customer or partner, Nulogy allows us to deepen our relationship, making decisions together knowing we’re on the same page.
Adam Walker CEO, Summit Packaging Solutions
Nulogy Platform connects shop floors
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