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Connect Solution

Unlock seamless connectivity with low-code/no-code solutions for connecting into your customers’ and suppliers’ technologies.

Enable robust, seamless connectivity between you and your partners’ systems to move with synchronicity and improve your speed-to-market.

Nulogy’s Connect Solution helps your teams stay in sync and better collaborate with customers by enabling the seamless flow of data such as inventory and production information to stakeholders in your network. The solution also automates and accelerates the delivery of operational data such as shipping, receiving, change orders, and billing data, effectively eliminating double entry and manual entry errors.

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Nulogy Connect Solution, screenshot sample, rendered Customer Integrations

Collaborate more effectively with your customers and trading partners

Integrate inventory, material and order data with your customer’s or vendor’s ERP materials management, order management, and/or warehouse management modules.

Nulogy Connect Solution, internal integrations graphic Internal Integrations

Ensure seamless data flow to improve cash flow and production efficiency

Integrate with your internal financial or accounting systems, ERP, WMS, and BI data warehouse systems to track inventory, materials, orders, jobs and resources.

Robust, Seamless Connectivity

Stay in sync and collaborate better with your customers

Key features

  • Leading API and EDI integration capabilities
  • Powerful low-code integration mapping and configuration
  • Hundreds of connectors for commonly used SaaS applications
  • Universal HTTP connector for integration with any cloud-based application APIs
  • Configurable email and SMS notifications
  • Configurable workflow automation

Save Time and Costs

Save time and costs by leveraging Nulogy’s simple, easy, and powerful integration capabilities.

Easily Integrate with Customer Systems

Easily integrate with your customers’ systems to support real-time collaboration and synchronization, improving real-time response.

Increase Responsiveness

Increase capacity and maximize line utilization without adding costs, while optimize materials planning and drive waste out of your operations to reduce Capex.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by using workflow automation to quickly and easily complete common repetitive tasks.

Improve Collaboration

Improve collaboration by sharing Production Orders, Material POs, Item Masters and BOMs, and Inventory transactions among customers and trading partners via a centralized, secure, and flexible integration hub.

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