Our Partners

In Nulogy’s partnership ecosystem, innovation and value-delivery is enabled through industry collaboration. Explore our growing network of supply chain implementation and technology partners, each contributing to our mission of powering more agile and resilient external supply chains.

Nulogy WMS collaboration software partners discuss next expansion
Formic Logo, white

Formic is a robotics company pioneering an easier and more productive way to automate.

Formic enables small-to-medium sized manufacturers to grow their business by making it easy to afford, deploy, and scale robotic automation. The company’s unique pay-for-productivity model remove the risks, capital expense, and hassle of a traditional equipment purchase, where the onus is on the manufacturer to ensure it’s success. With Formic, manufacturers don’t pay until your system works and they only pay for usage. Formic stands behind every deployment for the life of the system with an Uptime Guarantee and flexible contracts that ensure the success of every project.

Manufacturing cannot survive without automation, whether it’s automated data flow or physical automation on the production floor. At Formic, we’re focused on finding ways to make it ten times faster, easier, and cheaper to deploy a robot and increase productivity. We are excited to work with Nulogy, whose real-time data visibility and dynamic collaboration will add time to value for our customers.
Misa Ilkhechi Co-founder and VP of Sales, Formic
Fuuz, a Nulogy Partner

Fuuz™ is a revolutionary Extended Platform as a Service (xPaaS) that’s changing the way business and manufacturing software work by connecting people, processes, machines and data.

Fuuz delivers pre-built industrial SaaS apps and platforms, including aPaaS for rapid application development and iPaaS for IT teams who want to personalize their infrastructure without building it from the ground up. Developed by MFGx, a Michigan-based software integration company, Fuuz has the flexibility and scalability to deliver highly personalized solutions, replacing complicated software/middleware environments with automated processes and the ability to capture and exchange data across the enterprise.

When integrated with Nulogy’s Shop Floor Solution, Fuuz extends the capacity to streamline operations, automate processes and increase visibility into critical information so manufacturers can focus on making smart decisions, resolving challenges, and continuously improving operations.
Craig Scott Founder and CEO, Fuuz
Nulogy partner OMP. Supply Chain Excellence

OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow and thrive by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution in the market.

OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow, and thrive by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution in the market. Unison Planning™ solves planning challenges the holistic way. Integrating every planning horizon, from strategic to operational, and all supply chain stages from supply to demand. Tearing down silos to boost collaboration at company level and beyond.

Nulogy and OMP’s solutions perfectly complement each other. At OMP, we are focused on sensing market priorities and challenges in collaboration with our OMP customer community. Following the example of consumer goods, more industries are now striving to enable visibility into their digital supply chain twin across their partners and integrate supplier information that allows them to respond to disruptions much faster.
Philip Vervloesem Senior Vice President, OMP. USA
ShipHero, logo

ShipHero gives brands and 3PLs eCommerce fulfillment superpowers. We make it easy to ship eCommerce direct-to-consumer (DTC) through our warehouse management software (WMS) and our full-service fulfillment solutions.

ShipHero is a platform focused on providing scaling e-commerce businesses with a comprehensive cloud-based e-commerce fulfillment solution. Everything from inventory, order management (priority, pick & pack) and shipping all using the mobile app and desktop. ShipHero is designed for scale, with built-in features such as barcoding, automation, and ship rate quoting.

We’re seeing a growing number of brands focused on delivering richer experiences for their customers by implementing the tools that improve agility and reduce complexity. Our partnership with Nulogy brings together our proven approaches to speed and scale for brands that want best-in-class e-commerce fulfillment.
Nicholas Daniel-Richards Co-Founder, ShipHero
Nulogy partner, Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake enables every organization to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Customers use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Thousands of customers across many industries, including 573 of the 2022 Forbes Global 2000 (G2K) as of January 31, 2023, use Snowflake Data Cloud to power their businesses. Learn more at

Snowflake’s partnership with Nulogy represents the next wave of digital transformation for consumer brands and their external supply chain partners. By breaking down data silos within supply chain ecosystems, the two companies are creating a single source of truth for real-time insights in the Data Cloud. Together we will be able to unlock true business value for all partners in the upstream supply chain.
Rosemary Hua Global Head of Retail & CPG GTM , Snowflake
Nulogy Partner, Southie Autonomy

Automation solution designed for contract packagers, manufacturers, and logistics providers makes it easy to deploy robot arms at the beginning, middle, and end of production lines.

Southie Autonomy makes it easy for contract packagers to automate fast changeover picking and packing or palletization tasks using robot arms. Southie offers an affordable Robot-As-A-Service model with a turn-key solution. They design, install robotics hardware that fits into your process, add their proprietary AI software, then offer support along the way. Learn more at

At Southie Autonomy, we are always excited by new opportunities for robotics to unlock value and overcome labor challenges for supply chain providers. By combining the power of Southie Autonomy’s accessible, AI+AR-enhanced robotics with the comprehensive digitization capabilities of the Nulogy platform, we will demonstrate that practical technology can spur new growth and success for contract suppliers.
Rahul Chipalkatty CEO, Southie Autonomy
Vantree EDI & API Automation, a Nulogy Partner

Vantree delivers strategic EDI & API automation solutions, driven by a partner-for-life philosophy and a deep commitment to seamlessly enable businesses.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Vantree earns trust with a human approach founded on authenticity, curiosity, and care. After more than 25 successful years in business, Vantree is proud to continue to create memorable, inspiring, and engaging experiences for customers with a focus on EDI and non-EDI products that help streamline operations through automation and simplify the user experience. 

At Vantree, we understand the potential for data automation to help propel businesses to a new level of efficiency and growth. It simply made sense to work side by side with Nulogy to integrate data automation throughout their contract supplier customer base.”
Scott Brooks President & CTO, Vantree Systems
Nulogy partner, Zebra Technologies logo, white

Empower every worker at the edge of your business with innovative products and solutions from Zebra to sense, analyze and act in real-time

Zebra’s manufacturing technology solutions enable manufacturers to see more, know more and do more to become more agile, optimize plant floor performance and embrace market changes. With Zebra’s more than 50 years of leadership in printing, scanning, RFID reading, locationing and mobile computing technologies, manufacturers can rely with total confidence on the performance of our broad portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions. More details at