Nulogy Platform, contract manufacturer software

The Nulogy Platform

Nulogy’s cloud-based, multi-enterprise software platform enables supply chain partners to work smarter, together.

Nulogy enables manufacturers and their extended supply chain networks to work smarter together through digitally enabled operational control and dynamic collaboration.

Nulogy’s cloud-based, multi-enterprise platform synchronizes the network, allowing the upstream supply chain to respond seamlessly to a volatile retail and consumer environment, all while reducing waste, minimizing costs, and accelerating growth.

Nulogy powers hundreds of contract manufacturing, co-packing, third-party logistics, and raw material and packaging sites all around the world. Many of the world’s leading brands and their partners use Nulogy software to strengthen the performance of their external supply networks.

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Nulogy is named as the only notable vendor for contract packaging and manufacturing networks by Gartner.

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Nulogy’s Cloud-based Platform

Helping manufacturers and their external supply chain partners work smarter together.

Drive network visibility and collaboration

Nulogy’s Supplier Collaboration software helps businesses reduce lead times, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent quality across their supplier network.

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Boost production floor efficiency and agility

Nulogy’s Shop Floor software helps contract packaging and manufacturing providers reduce waste, improve quality control, and enhance service levels for customers.

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Unleash agility and responsiveness with real-time data

Nulogy’s Data Solution software provides users with cloud-based, self-serve data analytics that simplifies complex data at scale.

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Unlock seamless connectivity

Nulogy’s Connect Solution software bolsters service levels and speed-to-market with low-code/no-code solutions for connecting into your customers’ and suppliers’ technologies.

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Powered by Nulogy

The world’s leading manufacturers use Nulogy in their external supply chain networks

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Adapt and Respond Faster

Respond quickly to market opportunities through real-time materials and production visibility across the supply ecosystem. Ensure that you’re working collaboratively with your partners to launch products faster and fulfill orders on-time and in-full.

Drive Deep Collaboration

Collaborate frictionlessly on order planning and execution across a network of external supply chain partners, bringing products to market with ease, speed, and quality, while minimizing waste and reducing costs.

Eliminate Avoidable Costs

Pre-empt order issues by automating alerts for at-risk orders, helping to ensure on-time, in-full fulfillment and avoiding related costs such as late penalties, expedited shipping, and materials write-offs.

Nulogy Platform

Powering External Manufacturing Networks

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