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Shop Floor Solution

Boost efficiency and agility on the production floor to reduce waste, improve quality control, and enhance service levels.

The Nulogy Shop Floor Solution (formerly known as PackManager) provides operational control for contract packaging and manufacturing operations, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably while improving agility, quality and service levels.

Upstream supply chains are increasingly relying on external partners for product innovation and increased speed-to-market, opening tremendous growth opportunities for contract manufacturers, co-packers, value-added 3PLs, and raw and packaging suppliers. To tap into this opportunity, external suppliers need purpose built solutions that can give them real-time visibility and control over production, inventory, and labor.

Customer Success Story: AmeriPac, Inc.

Learn how Nulogy digitalized AmeriPac’s operations for greater inventory and production data accuracy, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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Nulogy Shop Floor Solution

Digitalize your production environment for true visibility and control


Quickly generate accurate estimates

Quickly generates accurate estimates on expected costs as well as invoices directly from production or shipments. 

Shop Floor Solution, screenshot render Production Management & Scheduling

Intuitive production scheduling & real-time production control

Leverage an intuitive, drag-and-drop tool that allows you to visualize and optimize your production schedule based on demand, downtimes, and more. Monitor and optimize live production through real-time dashboards to help bolster throughput, reduce costs, and illuminate actionable insights.

Materials Planning

Ensure the right inventory at the right time

Proactively plans the procurement WIP and ingredients based on current demand, consumption, inventory levels, and more.

Warehouse Management

Enable real-time warehouse inventory visibility

Enables real-time inventory visibility with warehouse guidance and system verifications to improve inventory control and accuracy.

Digital Quality Inspections

Easy-to-use digital quality processes

Digitalizes quality inspection sheets to streamline and enforce quality control processes, helping you save time and prevent errors.

Powering Your Digital Factory

Agile co-packers and contract manufacturers leverage Nulogy for operational control

Enable seamless data flow through your production environment

As part of the Nulogy Platform, Shop Floor integrated software enables brand manufacturers, co-packers, contract manufacturers, value-added 3PLs, and raw and packaging suppliers to operate more efficiently and profitably while improving agility, quality and service levels.

Improve Shop Floor Control

Leverage Nulogy to capture production data and gain real-time visibility into in-production inventory. Gain the ability to respond to recalls and other quality issues in minutes instead of days.

Increase Responsiveness

Manage and schedule demand across all your brand customers with greater efficiency, giving you the ability to respond quickly to rush or change orders and provide real-time status updates to clients.

Improve Profitability

Increase capacity and maximize line utilization without adding costs, while optimize materials planning and drive waste out of your operations to reduce Capex.

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