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Supplier Collaboration Solution

Drive network visibility and collaboration to reduce lead times, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent quality across your supplier network.

In today’s volatile market, supply chains that can effectively orchestrate the network and collaborate with their external trading partners are the ones driving competitive advantage.

Nulogy’s Supplier Collaboration Solution enables network orchestration by providing shared transparency into the deep transactional data of the supply ecosystem, providing a cloud-based multi-echelon network where any party can be a source of demand and supply. The Supplier Collaboration Solution acts as a system of engagement easily connecting partners to support collaboration, optimization and synchronization, digitally transforming the way you and your partners work together.

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Customer Success Story: Colgate-Palmolive

Learn how Nulogy is helping Colgate-Palmolive digitally transform its network of customization partners for greater planning visibility and stronger collaboration.

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Nulogy Supplier Collaboration Solution

Collaborate seamlessly with your customers and suppliers

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Track inventory across the network

Track inventory as it moves through the supply ecosystem to quickly adjust production schedules and inventory levels against volatile demand and supply signals.

Order Collaboration

Dynamic collaboration on a single platform

Collaborate with your supply chain partners in a centralized platform to provide a single source of truth on all production order information.

Network Capacity

Gain full visibility into network capacity

Align with your supply chain partners on orders and forecasts to manage capacity allocation and achieve optimal outcomes. 

Collaborative Analytics

Improve ecosystem outcomes together

Leverage insights shared between trading partners for key KPIs to improve performance and drive continuous improvement.

Digitally Powering Extended Supply Chains

See how Nulogy drives dynamic multi-party collaboration to improve network efficiency, agility and resilience

Seamlessly collaborate with your customers and suppliers

The Nulogy Supplier Collaboration Solution enables multi-party, high-fidelity, dynamic collaboration in real time, and synchronizes the network to improve efficiency, visibility, and responsiveness, all while seamlessly connecting with enterprise solutions, such as ERP, APS, WMS or MES solutions.

Adapt and Respond Faster

Respond quickly to market opportunities through real-time materials and production visibility across the supply ecosystem. Ensure that you’re working collaboratively with your partners to launch products faster and fulfill orders on-time and in-full.

Drive Deep Collaboration

Collaborate frictionlessly on order planning and execution across a network of external supply chain partners, bringing products to market with ease, speed, and quality, while minimizing waste and reducing costs.

Eliminate Avoidable Costs

Pre-empt order issues by automating alerts for at-risk orders, helping to ensure on-time, in-full fulfillment and avoiding related costs such as late penalties, expedited shipping, and materials write-offs.

Scale Your External Network

Expand your external network by quickly and easily connecting with new partners on a cloud-based platform that aggregates data from heterogeneous enterprise systems and standardizes visibility and collaboration.

Achieve Sustainability

By gaining visibility into quantity and lot codes of raw materials and finished goods, supply chain partners can improve the movement and usage of materials throughout the extended supply chain to achieve waste reduction goals.

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