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Interview: Nulogy CEO Provides Supply Chain Insights to The Logistics Report


Vishnu Rajamanickam sat down with Jason Tham, CEO of Nulogy, to discuss operational and tech challenges that hinder true end-to-end visibility in the supply chain, positing that data harmonization and improved collaboration with partners could be the answer.

In the article Uncovering Complexities Impacting Actionable Visibility Across Retail Supply Chains, substack journalist Vishnu Rajamanickam focuses on the evolving challenges within the logistics industry, particularly those exacerbated by global disruptions. In conversation with Jason Tham, CEO of Nulogy, they delve into the intricate web of supply chain dynamics and how they are being reshaped by factors such as geopolitical tensions and technological advancements.

Tham emphasizes the critical need for agility and resilience in supply chains, noting that traditional models are no longer sufficient in today’s volatile environment. He underscores the importance of digital transformation, where technologies like AI and data analytics play pivotal roles in enhancing visibility and efficiency.

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The two further discuss how these complexities are not merely operational but also strategic, impacting decision-making processes across the board. Tham’s perspective on leveraging technology to build adaptable supply chains resonates strongly, offering a proactive approach to mitigate risks and optimize performance.

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing the logistics sector, with Jason Tham’s insights shedding light on innovative solutions that could redefine industry standards in the future.

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