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Nulogy is the only platform that is purpose-built for co-packers and contract manufacturers to fulfill orders with greater OTIF rates while delivering superior service to customers.

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Powered by Nulogy
When we’re going after a new customer or we’re growing a relationship with a current customer or partner, Nulogy allows us to deepen our relationship, making decisions together knowing we’re on the same page.
Adam Walker CEO Summit Packaging Solutions

World Class Supply Chain Operations are Powered by Nulogy

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We needed to implement a new production floor platform in a matter of days, not weeks. Nulogy was nimble, efficient and collaborative in a way that partnered with us to meet our needs.
Doug Crawley CEO, Staffing Synergies
We expect to dramatically improve collaboration and reduce waste with our external manufacturing and packaging suppliers. As the retail and consumer landscape continues to be disrupted, agility is more important than ever for manufacturers like Mars. We are excited to work with our strategic late-stage customization suppliers and alongside Nulogy to be part of this groundbreaking innovation that will set an example for supply chains around the globe.
Jon Willis Transformation & Program Director, Mars Wrigley North America

MSI Express:

A Powered by Nulogy Success Story

See how Nulogy-powered customer, MSI Express, leveraged our purpose-built co-pack technology to respond swiftly to dynamic market conditions, reduce operational waste, and enhance customer satisfaction.

How Nulogy Powers Your Operation

Nulogy’s software is purpose-built for contract packagers and manufacturers to fulfill production orders with greater OTIF rates while delivering superior service to FMCG customers.

Nulogy enables co-packers to optimize their end-to-end production workflow: from job estimating and planning, to production and labor management, to quality control and reporting.

Nulogy’s contract packaging capabilities include:

  • •   Production scheduling
  • •   Job estimating
  • •   Materials and inventory management
  • •   Labor management
  • •   Quality control and traceability
  • •   Reporting and business analytics

Nulogy’s co-pack software enables your business to:

  • •   Reduce manual work and accelerate workflow
  • •   Reduce human error and resulting customer impacts
  • •   Drive out waste from your operation
  • •   Improve productivity and performance
  • •   Enable faster growth and attract larger FMCG clients
  • •   Improve traceability, recall readiness and speed
  • •   Improve the accuracy and speed of quality checks and reporting

What “Powered by Nulogy” suppliers can offer to customers:

  • •   Faster response times
  • •   Better communication and collaboration
  • •   Higher accuracy in order fulfilment 
  • •   Greater recall readiness
  • •   Improved reporting and quality control
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