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Nulogy CEO Interviewed at MODEX by Supply Chain Brain


Recently at MODEX, Supply Chain Brain interviewed Nulogy co-founder and CEO, Jason Tham, to discuss the ongoing challenges that global supply chains face amidst persistent disruptions, urging businesses to adopt proactive strategies for resilience.

Tham emphasizes the necessity of preparing for unforeseen events like natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, and pandemics, which continue to impact supply chain operations worldwide. His recommendations include diversifying sourcing locations, enhancing visibility through advanced digital tools, and fostering agility across the supply chain network. By prioritizing these measures, companies can effectively mitigate risks and maintain operational continuity.

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The interview underscores the importance of collaboration among stakeholders to strengthen supply chain resilience and enable swift responses to disruptions. Ultimately, it advocates for a proactive approach to planning and leveraging technology to build robust supply chains capable of navigating uncertainties and sustaining competitiveness in today’s volatile global market.

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