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Nulogy CMIO Distinguished as Innovator in Logistics and Supply Chain


Global Trade recently featured 20 Women Who Are Innovating Logistics And Supply Chain in the Spring 2024 issue’s cover story: Industry Changemakers.

The article highlights 20 women making significant strides in logistics and supply chain management. Christine Barnhart, recognized for her role at Nulogy, stands out for her innovative contributions. At Nulogy, Barnhart leads efforts to empower brands and contract packagers through agile supply chain solutions. Her focus on enhancing operational efficiency and supply chain visibility has been pivotal in driving Nulogy’s growth. Barnhart’s leadership underscores the importance of leveraging technology and collaborative platforms to streamline processes and meet evolving market demands within the logistics sector. Her achievements exemplify a commitment to advancing industry standards and fostering innovation in supply chain management.

Christine Barnhart, Chief Marketing & Industry Officer at Nulogy
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