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Canadian Supply Chain Innovator, Nulogy, Sets Sights on Global Expansion with Supercluster Funding Boost


Company is one of the five award-winning ‘superclusters’ granted funding by the Government of Canada.

Toronto, ON—May 7, 2018—Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions to CPG companies and their external supplier networks, announced its inclusion in one of the five award-winning ‘superclusters’ granted funding by the Government of Canada.

The AI-Powered Supply Chains Supercluster (SCALE.AI), is one of five winning consortiums evaluated over the past year as part of the Canadian government’s innovation agenda. The Innovation Superclusters Initiative was designed to encourage institutions in adjacent industries to work together on strategies to boost fast-growing sectors.

SCALE.AI consists of more than 120 companies shaping the global, digital supply chain and brings together retail, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, and information and communications technology sectors to build intelligent supply chains through artificial intelligence and robotics. The consortium aims to bolster Canada’s leadership in AI and accelerate industry adoption of enabling technologies through collaborative and incremental projects.

For more than fourteen years, consumer products companies and their suppliers have relied on Nulogy to streamline and accelerate contract packaging operations. The company’s innovative platform has made it easier and more profitable for CPG brands to collaborate with external partners to bring highly customized products to market quickly. Given the significant waste and cost burden within the consumer products supply chain, Nulogy sees a tremendous opportunity to leverage the power of data science and machine learning to drive further systematic improvements for greater supply chain agility.

According to Jason Tham, CEO, “Nulogy is focused on developing our cognitive supply chain platform and bringing it to CPG brands and their suppliers globally. We are proud to be a part of SCALE.AI and grateful to the Canadian government for their support. This funding will allow us to invest significantly in our data team and accelerate our development of Intelligent Systems.”

The benefits of collaborative partnerships are well known to Nulogy and fellow SCALE.AI partner, the University of Waterloo. All four of Nulogy’s co-founders are University of Waterloo alumni, and the SCALE.AI initiative promises to enhance the fruitful and ongoing collaborative partnership between the two organizations.

Pearl Sullivan, Dean of Engineering at University of Waterloo comments, “Nulogy has been a stalwart leader of technology and innovation for the past 15 years, and this investment reinforces the positive impact and amplifies the potential of our collaborative partnership.”

Tristan Mallet, acting interim CEO of SCALE.AI adds, “The SCALE.AI supercluster is fueling Canada’s mission to become the global hub for applied AI and the nexus of international trade. As an established Canadian supply chain innovator, we are confident that Nulogy’s funding boost will help parlay their success in North America to the global market. We look forward, together, to accelerating Canada’s economic growth, creating highly-skilled jobs, and positioning Canadian firms for international success.”

About Nulogy

Nulogy’s unified platform connects CPG brands and suppliers around the world looking to provide consumers with customized product experiences. Nulogy’s cloud-based solutions power the order execution, interconnectivity, and data intelligence needed to orchestrate product customization processes. The platform drives out waste on a global scale and helps build profitable, sustainable, and agile supply chains.

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