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Nulogy and The Blackrock Group partner to digitally optimize contract manufacturers and co-packers


Nulogy and The Blackrock Group partner to digitally optimize contract manufacturers and co-packers

Partnership will deliver complementary solutions to enable warehouse management and shop floor digitalization

TORONTO, ON, Mar. 23–Nulogy, a leading provider of supply chain collaboration solutions, and The Blackrock Group, a global provider of supply chain consulting services, today announced a partnership to accelerate speed-to-market for contract manufacturers and co-packers through complementary digital platforms.

The Blackrock Group specializes in customized solutions for strategic warehouse planning, warehouse optimization, and warehouse management solution (WMS) implementations for businesses. The Texas-based firm delivers comprehensive warehousing consulting services that onboard warehouse solutions with minimal downtime and disruption.

Nulogy is the leading purpose-built multi-enterprise platform for co-packing and contract manufacturer networks, enabling fast-moving consumer goods brands and their suppliers to collaborate seamlessly on a centralized, data-driven, AI-enabled platform. The Nulogy Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Network Platform also enables the digitization of shop floor processes of contract suppliers for enhanced line efficiency and profitability, and is live in hundreds of sites worldwide.

The partnership between The Blackrock Group and Nulogy will provide a comprehensive digitalized offering for contract manufacturers and co-packers: The Blackrock Group provides specialized services in WMS implementation and optimization, while the Nulogy Platform digitalizes shop floor operations for improved efficiency, quality, and data visibility.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Nulogy to deliver a top-of-class integrated digital offering to the contract supplier industry,” said Pete Grett, CEO, The Blackrock Group. “Nulogy’s cloud-based shop floor technology is the ideal complement to our warehouse management services. Together, we give co-packers and contract manufacturers the complete package in state-of-the-art business technology.”

“Between Nulogy and The Blackrock Group, it has never been easier to modernize contract supplier operations,” said Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. “In this volatile consumer market, digitized supply chain operations will adapt the fastest and operate the most profitably amidst ongoing market disruptions. Our respective organizations will deliver the capabilities and speed-to-value needed to stay ahead of the competition and help put consumer products in the hands of everyday people.”

About Nulogy
Nulogy, a leading supplier of digital supply chain solutions, enables customers and their supplier communities to collaborate on a multi-enterprise platform in order to deliver with excellence to an ever-changing consumer market. The Nulogy Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Network Platform optimizes upstream supply ecosystems composed of brand manufacturers, contract manufacturers and packagers, third party logistics providers, raw material and packaging suppliers to accelerate supply chain responsiveness and collaborate at the speed of today’s market.

About The Blackrock Group

The Blackrock Group is an industry leading supply chain service provider specializing in warehouse optimization, warehouse operation, and WMS implementations. The Blackrock Group specializes in optimized warehouse functions for medium to large companies to ensure minimal disruption to established operations.

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CEO, The Blackrock Group
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