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Nulogy extends platform to enable digital factories for contract manufacturers


Purpose-built, end-to-end software solution to digitally track production, operations

TORONTO, ON—April 16, 2020—Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, today announced the extension of its platform capabilities for the contract manufacturing industry. Through Nulogy’s purpose-built, end-to-end solution, contract manufacturers gain the tools to digitally track their production and shop floor, enabling them to evolve past outdated manual processes and empower their operations with a new level of visibility, control, and agility.

“Contract manufacturers are on the front lines of product innovation for their brand customers,” says Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. “In today’s digital age, it takes more than an ERP and spreadsheets to keep pace with customer expectations and fluctuating demand. It is our goal to enable contract manufacturers with the cutting-edge tools they need to gain operational control, better serve their customers, and grow their business in this rapidly changing landscape.”

Nulogy’s agile manufacturing solution helps illuminate the production floor of contract manufacturers, allowing them to:

  • Optimize production schedules to accurately adjust to the changing demands of customers with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface;
  • Proactively plan and procure ingredients and subcomponents based on current demand, consumption and scrap rates, lead times, inventory levels and outstanding orders;
  • Track and manage production processes on the shop floor to generate real-time dashboards such as production performance, line availability, to reduce costs, bolster throughput and unveil valuable insights;
  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently with brand customers; and
  • Efficiently and effectively maintain quality control via digital quality inspections, e-signatures, and more.

The webinar will discuss and demonstrate how an end-to-end digital factory solution can empower contract manufacturers to drive agility and control by rapidly digitalizing and illuminating every detail of your shop floor and operations.

About Nulogy

Nulogy’s cloud-based Agile Customization Platform allows consumer brands to respond with ease and speed to a volatile retail and consumer environment while reducing waste and costs. Designed to optimize contract packaging and manufacturing operations and enhance supply chain collaboration, Nulogy’s software solution allows consumer brands and their external suppliers to unleash innovation in the consumer products value chain and accelerate brand growth.

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