• Complete Inventory Control

  • PackManager’s Inventory Control provides the receiving and shipping, inbound and outbound stock transfer, warehouse management and product traceability functionality necessary to improve and optimize inventory management.

  • Always know the location of your inventory

    · Shop floor inventory data is captured and updated
    in real-time, and accessible to any user

    · Ability for multiple operators to work simultaneously on the same Pick List

    · Reserve inventory for particular production run cycles and blind cycle counts as every movement of inventory is scanned and location is updated in real-time

    · Item Locator tool allows you to search by item, lot code, expiry, location, customer, project, status, family, category, pallet ID, and more

  • Perform confident recalls and audits instantly

    · No additional data entry required to generate end of Job reports

    · Recall report provides full history of the lot code in question

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