3 Hot Topics from the Nulogy xChange Conference 2023

Sustainability, Supply Chain Ecosystems, and Pervasive Market Volatility

Patrick Fetterman, CFO, Nulogy
WRITTEN BY Patrick Fetterman

The Nulogy xChange conference, held in the vibrant city of Nashville, brought together a diverse group of supply chain leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry. The conference covered a wide range of topics, including digital transformation, supplier collaboration, data and connectivity, AI and machine learning, and supply chain agility, to name a few, but three key themes were highlighted by supply chain veterans, analysts, consultants, and industry practitioners alike:

ESG and sustainability measures stay at the forefront

Throughout the event, sustainability and ESG were identified as areas of increasing focus for many supply chain organizations, from contract packagers and manufacturers to global logistics providers and consumer brands. Sustainability is no longer seen as an afterthought in the industry but is recognized as good business. Investing in waste reduction and efficient use of resources can lower costs and improve reputation amongst current and prospective trading partners. Moreover, maintaining sustainable practices across supply chains helps maintain the longevity of the planet’s resources and livability. With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, companies that prioritize sustainable practices within their manufacturing and supply chain will likely see increased demand for their products and services.

Me to we: the rise of supply chain ecosystems

Christine Barnhart speaks at Nulogy xChange
Christine Barnhart, Nulogy VP Product Marketing and Go-To-Market, speaks to a captive audience in Nashville, TN, on opening day of the 2023 xChange Conference.

The rise of supply chain ecosystems was another key theme at the conference. Previously, organizations had primarily focused their technology investments in enterprise technology that measures transactional efficiency.

However, these systems were not designed to guide supply chains through the recent years of unprecedented disruption. As complexity is expected to increase, with labor shortages, rising inflation, and lead time variability, the only way to manage that effectively is with a network enabled by multi-enterprise collaboration capabilities.

Digitally enabling synchronization and collaboration across supply chain networks can help build trust and remove friction between trading partners, providing visibility into operations, and enabling more informed decision-making. As the old adage goes, “One music note is meaningless unless it is surrounded by other notes in the form of a song.” Similarly, a single supply chain entity can’t operate effectively without the support and collaboration of its partners.

From fragile to agile: ready your supply chain to manage volatility and variability

Finally, addressing supply chain fragility was a key theme at the conference. Supply chains are continually pressured and disrupted, with variability increasing over time. Digitalization provides an opportunity to build redundancy, interoperability, and visibility into supply chain networks and processes. However, digitalization only delivers flexibility and agility when existing workflows and processes are modernized in line with best practices. Digitalization should address the root cause of problems, not just the symptoms. With the right technology and processes in place, organizations can better manage supply chain disruptions, quickly adapt to new market conditions, and ensure the continuous flow of goods and services.

Looking pretty, Nashville city!

Nulogy xChange wrap up concert, Nashville
A rousing concert at the Grand Ole Opry featuring Ingrid Andress, Bill Anderson and a cameo by Metallica’s James Hetfield wrap up a very successful Nulogy xChange Conference

Apart from the insightful discussions and presentations, it wasn’t all business – plenty of fun was had. Being in Nashville, also known as Music City, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant culture and entertainment scene. The conference also included a live concert featuring country stars Bill Anderson and Ingrid Andress, as well as a special cameo by James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica at the iconic Grand Ole Opry, a must-see for anyone visiting.

Attendees were also treated to a vibrant awards gala announcing the North Star Award winners, which recognized the outstanding achievements of companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in supply chain management.

In conclusion, the Nulogy xChange conference provided attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in the supply chain industry. From sustainability and supplier collaboration to digital transformation and supply chain agility, the conference covered a wide range of topics critical to the success of businesses today. The live concerts at the Grand Ole Opry and the awards gala announcing the North Star Award winners added a fun and exciting dimension to the conference, making it a memorable experience for everyone who attended.

We can’t wait to see more of our community at the next Nulogy xChange, and until then, be on the lookout for coverage of more key insights from the event.

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