Where Did PackManager go? The History of Nulogy’s Shop Floor Solution

A brief history of the naming, evolution, and capabilities of the Nulogy Shop Floor Solution.

Patrick Fetterman, CMO, Nulogy
WRITTEN BY Patrick Fetterman

You may have seen the name PackManager closely associated with Nulogy over the years. But what is PackManager, and where did it go? With the hope of clearing up this leftover confusion—I’d like to share a brief history of our Shop Floor Solution.

2002-2017: PackManager

In case you didn’t know: before Nulogy developed the suite of products and services it offers today, our Shop Floor Solution was our core product offering, and was known as PackManager (sometimes erroneously spelled as Pack Manager or Packmanager). Named after the solution’s focus on digitally optimizing contract packaging (co-packing) operations, PackManager became synonymous with Nulogy, and Nulogy synonymous with PackManager. As the ONLY contract packaging solution on the market, this name suited the product well for many years. The growth of the market, however, spurred the need for change.

2018-2021: Nulogy Operational Solution

As contract packaging became a greater need for FMCG companies, additional players beyond dedicated co-packers started entering the market. We saw the gradual shift of contract manufacturers, as well as third-party logistics providers offering value-added services, starting to provide more contract packaging services, and like dedicated co-packers, also lacking the digital tools needed to effectively manage their shop floors. And so Nulogy invested in product innovations that would meet the needs of these additional markets. As a result, PackManager entered into a new era and was rebranded as Nulogy’s Operational Solution, a more suitable name that matched Nulogy’s growing coverage within supply chain operations. 

Present Day: Nulogy Shop Floor Solution

Over the years, Nulogy’s suite of products has continued to evolve with the needs of the industry. Since the fledgling years of Nulogy and the birth of PackManager, the world—and the consumer goods market—has drastically changed. 

co-pack manager on tablet running PackManager / Shop Floor Solution software

What hasn’t changed, however, is Nulogy’s mission: to solve the most compelling challenges within the extended supply chain.

Twenty years ago, the most pressing issues on the co-pack shop floor were around managing labor, materials, and capacity in an efficient and cost-effective way, and we’ve spent the past two decades solving that problem and becoming the gold standard for digitalizing co-pack operations. 

Today, the most pressing issues are around collaboration and visibility between trading partners within supply networks, and we have focused our innovation and resources toward solving problems in multi-enterprise collaboration between manufacturers and their extended supply chain partners – including contract packagers, contract manufacturers, and other types of upstream suppliers. 

But we never forget our roots. Today, our two flagship solutions are: 

The Nulogy Shop Floor Solution, which was built from the foundation of the original PackManager solution, digitalizes contract packaging and manufacturing operations and enables businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably while improving agility, quality and service levels.

The Nulogy Supplier Collaboration Solution, which enables seamless data collaboration across the supply ecosystem on a cloud-based, multi-echelon network where any party can be a source of demand and/or supply.

These solutions contribute to Nulogy’s newest mission: to enable and drive forward the adoption of multi-enterprise collaboration between supply chain partners for more efficient, sustainable supply chains.

Learn more about the Shop Floor Solution

I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into Nulogy’s history around PackManager, and how the history of a product name can illustrate our own company mission and need for continual evolution and improvement.

Want to learn more about Nulogy’s Shop Floor Solution? Visit our Solution page to learn more about how we can drive agility and profitability for your business.

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