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Bell-Carter Packaging

Since 2012, Bell-Carter Packaging has been using Nulogy’s platform to react to changing customer demands and position itself as an agile supplier.

Established in 1987, Bell-Carter Packaging has an extensive variety of solutions for everything from primary and secondary food handling to ongoing packaging or re-packaging projects to seasonal and both short-term and long-term production requirements.

Bell-Carter Packaging needed a solution that would be able to:

  • Digitize manual entry to reduce errors
  • Provide its customers insight into traceability and production
  • Speed up quality checks, recalls and traceability

Streamlined procurement processes

Bell-Carter Packaging uses Nulogy to streamline the procurement process with its customers, ordering with the right lead times to avoid over-ordering and holding inventory for too long.

Improved customer service

EDI integrations and the Nulogy customer portal give Crescent’s customers real-time visibility, yielding significant improvements in customer service.

Watch the Case Study Video

See how Nulogy helps Bell-Carter Packaging improve traceability, processing times, and customer service.

Nulogy has been a big part of our agility as a company. Our customers come to us asking for fast changes in order to meet the demands of their consumers or to get product to market faster. With Nulogy, we’re able to make those changes up front and that flows through the rest of our organization.
Patrick McGovern Director of Supply Chain, Bell-Carter Packaging
Nulogy Platform connects shop floors
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