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MSI Express

As a long-time Nulogy user, MSI has evolved its digital processes to help achieve its corporate sustainability goals while delivering competitive service to its customers.

MSI Express is a contract packager and manufacturer delivering services to Fortune 500 food & beverage companies, with 15 facilities across six states in the U.S. MSI originally managed two sites when it first implemented Nulogy in 2014. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, leveraging Nulogy to help scale up operations and bring on additional facilities.

Improved KPI tracking and attainment

With the addition of Nulogy, MSI now tracks a larger set of performance metrics across the organization, such as profitability, receipt to consumption time, receipt to ship time, and day’s sales outstanding.

Waste reduction

MSI now uses Nulogy for material tracking in order to drive out operational waste: 9,000 tons in 2022 were addressed via recycling and waste reduction methods, as well as 8,000 tons in 2021.

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See how Nulogy helps MSI Express optimize production operations through digitalization.

Bringing Nulogy to the table to allow us to identify our biggest opportunities around waste in the entire supply chain, and present that to our customers and vendors so we can work together to reduce that waste, is very important. It’s where we’re driving a lot of our pathways to net-zero.
David Freed CIO, MSI Express
Nulogy Platform connects shop floors
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