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Staffing Synergies

Staffing Synergies implemented Nulogy in a record 30 days to deliver on expectations for a global pharmaceutical company.

Staffing Synergies provides labor and human resource services to distribution centers, warehouses and light industrial complexes, and produces COVID-19 test kits as part of Staffing Synergies’ Diversified Synergies LLC (DSL) joint venture with Diversified Chemical Technology, Inc. (DCTI).

DSL kits, packages, and distributes displays and goods for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods companies.



Improved production performance

Production efficiency improved by 36.7% within three months of implementation, subsequently boosting profitability.

Seamless scalability

Production operations moved into a new facility and grew from 10 to 27 production lines with no impact on customer production expectations.

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See how Staffing Synergies uses Nulogy to optimize its co-pack operations.

We needed to implement a new production floor platform in a matter of days, not weeks. Nulogy was nimble, efficient and collaborative in a way that partnered with us to meet our needs.
Doug Crawley CEO, Staffing Synergies
Nulogy Platform connects shop floors
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