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Reuters Presents: Key Strategies to Improve Collaboration with External Supply Chains

Discussing sustainability initiatives and which strategies and enabling technologies can help achieve greater agility.

In this Reuters webinar, we discussed the obstacles that can hamper true collaboration such as inefficient communication, legacy technology and rigid infrastructures, and a lack of data visibility. We also discussed how to drive sustainability initiatives forwards and which strategies and enabling technologies can help achieve greater agility and responsiveness in the external supply chain.

Discussions topics include:

  • How to access inefficiencies and materials/inventory distribution across your external supply chain to increase the value generated from your partnerships to your customers.
  • How to evolve external supply chains to limit bottlenecks and increase operational flexibility for sustainable growth in a volatile, unpredictable market.
  • How to combine your core business values and goals with technology-focused strategies, to create a more agile and resilient supply chain ecosystem.


Paddy Le Count

Project Director Supply Chain

Miguel Ortega Otero

Head of Customer Collaboration & Supply Chain

Bishen Morgan

Sustainability & Procurement Director, Europe
Anheuser-Busch InBev

Josephine Coombe

Managing Director, Europe

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