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Better performance begins with the right tools. PackManager is the only software specifically built to manage the complexity and challenges of modern contract packaging and manufacturing.


PackManager makes us more cost-competitive, scalable and flexible, allowing us to respond in real-time and increase our speed to market.

Todd Swift
Director of Packaging Solutions at ARI


Features That Enable You

PackManager is an end-to-end execution system that empowers your business throughout the production cycle, all the way from “Quote to Ship”.



Use standardized assembly steps and past production data to create more accurate and profitable quotes. Feed information directly into your planning / production for even greater savings.



Calculate your procurement requirements across current inventory and planned receipts to better schedule labour according to requirements.


Warehouse Management

Integrate inventory information with your production process, so you have real-time stock visibility and traceability, from receiving straight through to shipping.



Control shop floor activity with the production data that PackManager captures in real-time. Improve efficiency and profitability through greater visibility and control.


Quality Control

Use our QCloud solution to collect and check quality data, digitally and in real-time, for both your warehouse and production processes.



Create invoices for production and shipments at the click of a button. Synchronize production invoicing with your accounting systems for tighter financial management.



With instant reporting of over 50 customizable metrics, PackManager gives you an in-depth understanding of the status of your quality and production, and profitability metrics.


Customer Portal

Deliver real-time information to customers through a self-serve reporting portal that reduces the time and cost of customer service interaction.

See how PackManager can help your contract packaging business deliver more.


Powering Contract Packaging Performance

  1. Real-Time Visibility
  2. Improved Traceability
  3. Seamless Interconnectivity
  4. Greater Return on Investment

1. Real-Time Visibility


With PackManager’s insight into performance and profitability, you have the real-time production visibility you need to catch efficiency bottlenecks as they occur. Make the on-going changes necessary to deliver guaranteed outcomes.

  • Accurate operations and financial data at your fingertips
  • Offers anytime, anywhere access
  • Graphic-rich dashboard for instant clarity

2. Improved Traceability

Improved Traceability (480x270)

The contract packaging environment is becoming ever more complex and regulatory requirements are tighter. PackManager can help you demonstrate that your production process can handle higher levels of traceability for your customers.

  • One-click recalls across your system
  • Ensures product compliance
  • Makes inventory search instant

3. Seamless Interconnectivity

Seamless Interconnectivity (480x270)(2)

PackManager keeps you more connected, not just to your own systems, but those of your customers and partners so that information flows seamlessly between all stakeholders. Greater collaboration leads to better decisions.

  • Improves trust and relationships
  • Makes repeat ordering much easier
  • Gives customer direct access to order status
  • Reduces risk of data error

4. Greater Return on Investment


With our technology in place to automate and power your business, you will start to see the financial benefits in just three months, through improvements in labor efficiency, quoting time, and reporting productivity.

  • ROI 450% over 3 years
  • Labor costs cut 3-8%
  • Quote times down 30%
  • Customer service productivity up to 60%
  • Increase cycle count efficiency

See PackManager in Action

PackManager takes the pain out of managing your contract packaging operation. Discover how it can help your business perform better, from quoting, to production, to shipping. Request a demonstration of our platform today.

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Customer Success Stories


Advertising Resources Inc

See how ARI Packaging, a provider of streamlined solutions in primary and secondary packaging and one of Chicago’s fastest growing companies, increased production visibility and operational efficiency with PackManager.


Bonded Pac

See how Bonded Pac, the contract packaging and fulfillment division of Bonded Logistics, dramatically grew its business by increasing customer satisfaction and inventory accuracy.


DePaul Industries

See how DePaul Industries, provider of comprehensive outsourced packing solutions for the Food, Consumer Goods, and Electronics industries, realized productivity gains through improved process control with PackManager.


We see our partnership with Nulogy as a strategic alliance between two companies that are equally focused on delivering operational excellence.


With PackManager, we’re responsive and flexible enough to help brands capture opportunities created by last minute changes in market opportunities, and in today’s demand-driven supply chain, I know this is what ARI needs to stay competitive.

Richard Ehrie
President, ARI

The technology that we adopt to run our operations needs to be reliable, agile and integrated in order to meet our standards, and Nulogy has proven itself to be the progressive and reliable vendor we need and trust.

Kyle Knowles
Project Manager, Strategic Integrations, GENCO

We were looking for innovative ways to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of our packaging  operations. We liked Nulogy’s industry-specific solution and the vision it had for solving some of the challenges we face every day.

Dean Stearman
General Manager, DePaul Industries

Simply stated, PackManager allows us to win more business. PackManager has become an integral part of our sales pitch in ongoing discussions with potential clients.

John Holbrook
President, FXDisplays

PackManager is helping us to add features that were not available in our previous software, automating processes and increasing efficiency. We’re using the system to streamline our processes and gain more accurate real-time operational information.

Günther Huettlin
President, GH Manufacturing

We know that the investment we’re making in Nulogy’s solutions will help us serve our customers better in the long run.

Michael Briggs
Managing Director, Marsden Packaging

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