Crescent may not be a household name, but many of the brands the contract packaging and supply chain service provider works with are — Hershey, Campbell’s and L’Oréal are some examples. Crescent receives goods from its brand partners, packages the merchandise into retail packaging displays and ships the finished products to distribution centers or to retailers directly.

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Managing a multi-customer, co-mingled environment is challenging. The contract packaging process may sound simple enough, but in reality it’s very complex. With multiple customers in different industries, each touting multiple product lines, each packaging job that comes into Crescent needs to be quoted, planned, produced and shipped according to unique specs. Add in multiple brands, product lines and retailers, and that’s a lot of juggling involved. “Until 2011, Crescent managed production across our six U.S. sites with an in-house system. It did the job for us, but we knew it wasn’t giving us all the visibility throughout the packaging process that we wanted,” said Brad Daubenmire, Director of Quality and Process Improvement at Crescent.

In our business, we spend a lot of time trying to understand what the customer needs. Doing that through a continuous improvement culture, as well as through operations and financial transparency is a very important piece.”JOHAN POT, SVP SALES & MARKETING


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