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Flexible First Work Style

At Nulogy, Flexible First is the willingness and ability to adapt to change, particularly regarding how, where and when work gets done. Our goal is for this work style to meet the needs of both our business and our diverse group of employees.

Nulogy believes in providing flexibility to all employees with regard to the environment that will enable them to be the most productive and successful (e.g., at home, in-office or a combination of both).

Trust-Based Culture

Truly believing in a results-oriented, high-trust environment means you are in charge of your own vacation and your work schedule. We want you to log in and put in solid work, but when the work day is over — go live your life, rest, and recharge.

Our philosophy is rooted in supporting you to get your best work done.

Work Schedules

Working at Nulogy is a marathon, not a sprint. This philosophy has influenced the creation of an unlimited paid vacation policy at Nulogy! We value your time away from work and want you to take it.

Stay Healthy
At Work

Your health is important to us. We provide full coverage benefits for you and your family including health, dental, paramedical and Employee Assistance Programs along with other ways you can stay fit and be comfortable while working at Nulogy.

We Take Transparency Seriously

Communication is key to our success and we make continuous communication a priority. We host monthly all-hands meetings which we call ‘Mind Melds’ where we discuss the highs and lows of the past month, talk about our corporate goals, and open up the floor for everyone to be involved in big decisions we make as a team.

Family is Important To Us

Nulogy’s origins start with support of the families who helped grow this company. That is why we offer a best-in-class parental plan:

  • A progressive Parental Leave Policy with 100% top-up for 15 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children
  • $750 Baby Bonus when you take parental leave 
  • $4,000 lifetime (covered at 90%) towards fertility treatment drugs
  • Annual Kids Holiday Party

Grow With Us

At Nulogy we have a culture of continuous learning. You will receive a yearly education allowance to spend on your personal development towards conferences, classes, or an educational pursuit that will help you further develop skills in your craft. We also host internal training for our Leaders and potential future Leaders, training to meet team specific needs, and regular Lunch-and-Learns. Also, join us at a monthly Hack Day where our teams can tinker to build new things together.

Another way we foster our culture of growth is through our matched retirement contributions and also our Referral bonus. When you work at Nulogy, you work at a place that supports your future.

Benefits from Day One

We take care of our employees! That’s why we are proud to give everyone a comprehensive benefits package that starts on day one of your employment with us!

A competitive, all premiums paid medical plan, for you and your dependents including:

  • $2,000 towards paramedical health benefits, 100% coverage
  • $1,500 per year towards dental coverage
  • $450 towards vision care
  • Free drug delivery services
  • Benefit coverage for your dependents up to the age of 25
  • Competitive short and long term disability plan, and 2x-your-salary life insurance for peace of mind

We Celebrate Our Wins

Nulogy prioritizes time to build relationships with co-workers, and celebrate our successes. 

How we do this has evolved overtime, from in person events such as a trip to Toronto Island, company karaoke party, or volunteering at the food bank to virtual events or smaller scale team lunches and park hangs with co-workers in the same area. 

We endeavor to bring the company together for annual events such as our Vision Retreat and Holiday party.

One of the biggest ‘Agility in Everything’ transformations that I see occurring right now in Product Development is moving towards Continuous Delivery, an approach to writing software in short cycles allowing for reliable release at any moment. Several of our products are already there.


When I joined Nulogy, there were whispers of an Education team forming. The idea of building Nulogy University, (an education product from the ground up) was so exciting to us that the entire team was officially formed 6 months ahead of schedule!


We solve complex problems for our customers, so often it takes more than just my team to deliver the right solution. In fact, I’ve collaborated with every single department at Nulogy at one point or another to get a deal done. Every time I need help on an account, I get to tap into the intelligent, creative minds of my co-workers, who are always eager to help customers, win new business, and ultimately rally around our shared goals.


The Client Services team works together closely to share industry trends, best practices, and on-site learnings that will ultimately help shape the direction of the entire organization. After every engagement, we regroup cross-functionally to discuss and reflect on how we can continue to set the bar higher.


When I joined Nulogy, I hardly understood our product or software stack. During this time, I attended a Q&A session with our Quality Lead Team (QLT). Within a month of starting at Nulogy, I was given the opportunity to join QLT as the engineering representative, and take part in driving initiatives to improve quality across the organization. There was no unspoken need to first prove past skills or experience. There was no jockeying for opportunities with more experienced individuals. Nulogy is about sharing values and goals and actually getting things done.


I grew up in Venezuela, and have family spread over many continents. I’m the only one in my family who lives in Canada, and that can be hard at times. That is why I really like how on our team, all of us travel together and are able to connect to each other in a human way, as friends, and not just as professionals.

We take time to celebrate big personal moments for our peers, like making surprise baby showers, or taking a moment to reflect how long we have contributed to the team. It’s really nice to see that where you work.



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